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Ooga Booga Inc.:

4490 Lone Tree Way
Antioch, CA


editor's note:
Antioch Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Anti-authority

We've never ridden it, but we do have a couple of reports, and Antioch skatepark SEEMS to be a decent skatepark. It's big and roomy, I didn't see any "mash potatoes" on the walls, but it's apparently NOT as good as it looks.

"I gotta tell you, that Antioch park SUCKS!!! Another A.J. Vasconi Concrete disaster! Same as Dublin, Tracy, San Francisco, etc. A bunch of old guys that build sidewalks TRYING to do skateparks... They've already ruined about 8 parks. The trannie at Antioch suffers from no proper radius. It is super gradual and you can't really pump it at all. It is a launch ramp park with very little flow."

- Doug Renner: Nov '01

This might be an appropriate time to explain that the BUILDER [Vasconi, in this case] and the DESIGNER [Wormhoudt - 831.426.8424] are not always the same company. Personally, I'm stoked on the design of this park and I was excited to get it up on the site. However, our comments above from Doug are related to the builder... I do agree w/ his take on the Dublin and SF parks [Dublin still sports wobbly walls and SF was built twice before it opened for ripping]. This battle between concept and implementation is sometimes avoided by hiring a quality build/design team [one company for both]. Oregon typifies this approach with parks like Ashland and Aumsville, from Airspeed and Dreamland respectively.

"I've been to Antioch a hundred times and I think it's a great place to hone your skills. Yes, the big transition blows, but there are other areas that are fine. It DOES get a little crowded... ok, it gets hella crowded. Anyway, get out there and skate, it's really not bad."

- Joe A: Dec '01

Looking past some of the opinions on this park, Antioch stands out based on its scale alone. It's not only a larger park overall [10,000 sq ft], but it also has a greater range of elevation change than most of the other parks in CA. That gives you more speed, more flow [hopefully], and more fun - key elements in the design of a successful park. Beyond that, you've got an extensive range of big-country trannie to choose from, ranging from a peanut bowl to the usual banks and rails.

Finally, much respect to Antioch's city planners for promoting hassle-free sessions. Pads are required [that's a CA insurance requirement], but there are no locked gates, no bullshit waivers, and no nagging monitors. That shows a lot of respect for the freedom of the skate scene and we gotta send that respect right back to Antioch - good job!

Beyond Antioch, Bay Area options lurk in every direction. From the north, don't miss the lines and perfect coping at Healdsburg, the circle track rollers at Santa Rosa, and the graffiti-covered concrete at Petaluma. From EssEff heading east, you've got Crocker in the City, Alameda across the Bay, some mashed potatoes in Dublin, mickey mouse sightings in Livermore, and the gnarliest park in CA - Ripon - as you hit the 99. Down south, notable standouts include Greer in Palo Alto [Crib Crew!] and Vans' West Coast jewel in Milpitas.

Directions: From SF, get on the 80 freeway toward Sacramento. Before you cross that big bridge into Vallejo, exit onto route 4 heading east. After Concord and Pittsburg, you'll come to the town of Antioch. Exit Hillcrest and head south. Hillcrest bears left [east], but you'll want to continue south as the road becomes Deer Valley Rd. Take Deer Valley to Lone Tree Way, where you'll make a left and head east again. Prewitt Park will be on your left [it's huge], and the skatepark is on the eastern border of the greater park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The skatepark at Antioch
will put some miles on you...

^ This kid makes
that bowl look
like a lot of fun

^ Backside grabber
from the twinkie

^ Big ole beni-haha

^ Concrete contours

^ That wave-like quarter
is a speed deflector. It'll
huck your ass back across
the park...

^ Sorry, no scoot-scoots!

^ Cross park visuals

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