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Atomic Garage:

447 Great Mall Dr
Suite 416
Milpitas, CA


editor's note:
Vans Milpitas

* Indoor / Outdoor: 'Crete and Masonite
* Pay: $14 / 2 hour session
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Vans-tastic!

UPDATE: "You guys need to update the skatepark listing for Vans Milpitas - they changed a lot, compared to your pictures. They took out the mini halfpipe, and put in some hips, a launch ramp, a rail gap and some other things. They also rebuilt the whole section where the kicker gap is. Not one thing is the same. You should get some new pictures of almost the whole park."

- Anonymous: May '02

This would be our fourth Vans park review, including Vans Bakersfield, CA, Ontario, CA, and Orange, CA. We swear they just keep getting bigger and better.

What a sick park! Go check this place out, you won't be disappointed. They've got the kiddy section, the big-vert stuff, and everything in between.

The pics below do a decent job of showing off the terrain. Sleep comfortably knowing that this place goes on and on... vert, pools, trannie, indoor/outdoor - booyah! Go get it...

Vans deserves an extra special "good job" for their efforts during design and construction to preserve a little chunk of skatepark history. According to an article in "Transworld" - reporting on this park's opening day - the "Washboard" bowl is a replica from an extinct feature that once existed in Winchester Skatepark [where Winchester is, we still don't know]. Recently [Jan '02], Brian Minneker sent in an excellent shot of the OLD washboard - old/new pics below. If anyone else has any shots of the old Winchester washboard you'd like to share, fire away!

Oh yeah, big shout-out to Kody [Milpitas rider/employee] for the updates on the progress of the outdoor street course, etc. That guy has a great attitude. As of his message in Oct. '00, the outdoor section is now complete and ready for action. Thanks for the 411! We also owe some thanks to Mitchell Mendez for showing us some of his vertisms... great pics, thanks bro!

Directions: We made a call for you and scored the following... Let's say you're coming from SF [for instance], take the 101 freeway south to highway 237 - this will get you down around the bottom of the Bay. From there take the 880 south and exit Great Mall parkway. Hang a left on Main, and then a right on Great Mall Drive. Circle the mall until you run outta gas or see the park. For more info call our friends at Vans direct at 408.262.0703.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Wide shot of about half
of the park

^ SHITEO!: Nice
floaty hip ollie
Scott Sizemore]

^ Byron Blum kicks
ass. At 14 he's
already collecting

^ SHITEO!: Here's Byron
again w/ an animated

^ ...and a little
airwalk off the
kicker to wrap it

^ We first met Dave
[seen here] at the
Ollie House...

^ SHITEO!: Here's
Mr Dave Badley w/
a 50-50 down the
kink [video: Scott

^ Nice melon, Dave.

^ Mitch hangin'
tuff through a
huge frontside air

^ FS-indi, about
7 ft off the
coping, or a solid
20 ft off the

^ Rocket air
old school styles

^ Unknown ripper on
the tailslider

^ Evel Knievel style,
gap ollie

^ One of three
street sections - ranging
from peewee to pro

^ Outdoor street course -
it's complete now...

^ Wide shot o' street

^ Another of Vans' kick-ass
pool/snakerun/bowl setups

^ Oufff - styli Invert!
Anyone know this
guy's name?

^ frontside slash,
figure 8

^ Pow! Melon grab...

^ Sick half pipe
with extensions

^ The pipe has a little
kink to it, and that
creates a little hip
across the ramp from
this section

^ Big vert

^ Vans washboard

^ LEFT: The current
"washboard" that you
can skate anytime at
Vans Milpitas.
Winchester washboard
- doesn't exist anymore -
was the model for the Vans

^ Winchester washboard [Submitted by
Brian Minneker -
Photo: Travis Emmite]

^ Mini mini!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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