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Aggressive Skate and Snowboard:

3666 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA


editor's note:

* Outdoor: concrete
* Free park
* Pools
* Rating: Fine dining for the concrete connoisseur

Ahh j'eah... this place is sick!

If you're a die-hard, flats-lovin', street ripper, this place won't necessarily stoke you out. But if you're into juicy lines, pumping from hip to hip, and pool-style carving, this park might make you wet your panties.

Located just off the 101 Fwy in California's Palo Alto [damn close to Stanford University], Greer takes on the grand tradition of "NorCal" pool sessions like Santa Rosa and Petaluma. While this park lacks the typical coping, fun boxes, rails, etc., of your standard outdoor community skate spot, Greer more than makes up for it in curvy banks and hips so smooth they make babies' asses look like sandpaper and broken glass...

Check out the local hErOEs making like its Thanksgiving as they get their respective carves on. Gobble, gobble, biatch!

Update: Speaking of localisms, we got some freshies of local devil dogs from the Crib Crew [home of the famous EPA mini-ramp!]. Check the new footy below as well as a quick SHITEO!™ clip of a cruise thru the park. Flow-flow, comin' at ya! Big ups to the Crib!

Directions: Coming from the north/San Francisco, take the 101 freeway to Palo Alto and look for the Embarcadero exit. At that exit, you'll have the option to PASS the Embarcadero and continue through to Oregon Expressway heading west - do that. From the south, just exit Oregon Expressway and head west. Once you're on Oregon, make a QUICK left at W. Bayshore Drive. Bayshore will curve around back toward the freeway. Continue for a few blocks, to the intersection of Colorado and Bayshore. The skatepark is off to the right, just off of Colorado.
...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ welcome to Greer Park:
wide view of main bowl and
"la isla bonita"

^ Backside board slide across
the top of the island

^ Cribber w/ the ollie-oop
outta the big bowl

^ I'm not sure if
this guy is a cribber
or not... but that's
a pretty-pretty BS

^ Ollie, catch,
release, and ride
away in all your
glory - Crib Crew

^ Having lost our
notes for that day,
I have to guess
that this guy's name is

^ SHITEO!™: This
is about 5 seconds of a 30
second run where you
never have to push! This
is a totally fun park...

^ pop! holy hang time

^ this kid had no problem
getting this edge to grind,
slide, whateva...

^ hErO sets up for
early grab - str8
70's style

^ here's a view from the
bottom of the bumps...

^ does anyone use the phrase
"skitch" anymore??? [no dis
intended - this young lady
does more shredding than the
FBI...] Notice the smaller end
of the pool off to the right...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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