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editor's note:
Full Pipe Graveyard

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Metal [covered... duh!]
* Free [illegal!]
* Oververt / Trannie
* Rating: Where pipes go to die...

Okay, that's obviously not true. This place is more like "where full pipes are born"... but Full Pipe Graveyard sounds more hardcore than "nappy time for full pipes."

This place is super easy to find - if you're in the neighborhood you can't miss it. There are literally hundreds of these fully rideable pipes. The metal ones are "raw" [and rusty!], and the concrete ones are just like the metal ones, but with 6 inches of 'crete inside them [that makes them a 1 ft tighter overall]. They're arranged about 2-3 feet apart... perfect transfer distance. That would be some good footage, but all we had to work with was old Geenoe, and that dude can't skate!

If there's a problem here, it isn't finding the pipes - you can see them from the road. The problem here is not getting arrested while you skate. We didn't see any guards or anything, but we were in and out pretty quick. There wasn't any graffiti either, just a couple of other wheel marks, which makes me think that this place is closely watched. Be careful.

Directions: North side of the 15 fwy. That's all you get. Should be EASY to find this place...

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Hundreds of rides at
the Full Pipe Graveyard.

^ Oh, I like that...
"SKATEparkLIST" - yeah!

^ It's a little
slow getting
[Photo: Will]

^ ...it rides
great once you're
[Photo: Will]

^ ...no flat bottom
means you wear
out fast, or at
least Geenoe did!
[Photo: Will]

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