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editor's note:
Rampage Skatepark

* Indoor: Weird synth. surface
* Pay: $7 for 3-4 hr sesh
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Killed the circle track...

You'll know you're at Rampage when you see the signs for "Skate Palace: Roller Skating and Laser Tag." While that may not sound like a skatepark scene, inside owner David Breen has a well-designed flow land that'll help you get your stoke on. The kids I stay with in Rhode Island would call this place "wicked awesome!" - and that's good, of course, and certainly a lot more fun than the circle track roller rink that shares this indoor space.

We first heard about this place from local MistaBond who said, "Hey, there's a 'new' park in Milford MA called Rampage - ya need to post it." As we got closer to the park and talked to some locals, more than one person called this place a "Rollerblade park," and that kinda burns me. True, the "aggro" guys will dig this place and ride there all the time, but that doesn't mean this place isn't a killer skateboard park. I rode it myself for two hours [on a board] and it was one of my favorite sessions from our East Coast tour!

Jeremy Stump from SubUrban Rails [740.593.8145] is responsible for all the great coping and juicy lines in this place. They did a bang-up job here and I think you're gonna see a grip of great parks from this team. Jeremy's comments on the park were, "It was kind of a bummer though, we were on a super tight schedule, so we didn't really get a chance to skate it for ourselves before we had to take off." Jeremy's from Ohio, but you can skate this place whenever you want, so go get some!

Directions: Coming from Boston, take Interstate 90 west to Interstate 495 south. Turn off the freeway at Exit 20 [Route 85], and take the right turn [south] off the exit. Make a right onto Route 16 [Main Street], and follow for about a mile. Then make a left onto S Main Street. The Milford Police station is on the left at this intersection. The skatepark is about 1/2 mile down South Main St. on the left. For more info call the park direct at 508-473-6611.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Rampage in black
and white glory...

^ Jeffrey Caruso
bustin' 5050's
like it ain't no
thing... see that
vert wall behind
him. Yep, that's

^ Here's the sign
to look for

^ Jeffrey again, with
a backside slider

^ Excellent miniramp!!!
What you *can't* see is
the escalator coping to
a little extension. And for
the fearless, you can
pump that vertwall, pump
the rollers and launch transfer
from the street course into
this baby... I'd love to see
some pics of that!

^ Here's the design
overview, sent in by
David Breen [park owner]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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