BMX racing is an action sport that gets most of its rightful spotlight at the Olympics, gradually becoming a serious market ever since it was upgraded to a medal sport in 2008. The sport is mainly individual, although teams can be formed for various business and sports-related purposes. Regulated by the UCI or Union Cycliste Internationale, BMX racing falls under a mixed-gender category (same as Skateboarding), and features two types of vehicles that differ in size:

  • 20”-wheel BMX bike (for minors)
  • Cruiser 24”-wheel bikes used by seniors and more experienced drivers

The 2020 Olympics will also introduce the BMX Free Style, which is bound to launch quite a few exciting betting opportunities for those who are closely acquainted with the sport.

Skateboarding is another innovation announced for 2020 Summer Olympics (held in Tokyo); the admission of this sport to such a large-scale event has marked a new era in the history of Skateboarding, which has come a long way since 1940. Back then, the skateboards were no more than crude-looking wooden boards, with almost no similarities to the sleek looking Tony Hawk’s Birdhouse Skateboards.

Skateboarding and BMX Racing Betting Types

Bets on Skateboarding follow the traditional pattern and the markets include the outright winner, match-ups (or head to head), proposition bets, etc. The most popular form of betting remains the outright bet, and the punters can lay their wagers on the Big Air, Vert, or Street Event winner. Alternatively, you can try to predict which of the two contestants will rank higher, or if any of the participants will be able to complete a “900” aerial spin (extremely difficult to perform).

The markets are similar in BMX Freestyle and the players can choose Big Air Event, Park Event, and Street Event winners.

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Important Factors to Consider Before BMX and Skateboarding Markets Open

Injuries are perhaps the most important factor to consider prior to placing your first BMX or Skateboard bet. While the physical condition of any athlete is vital for his performance (or that one of his or her team), injuries bear more weight in action and individual sport since there are no teammates to carry the extra load.

If you are yet to gain BMX or Skateboarding betting experience, make sure to stick to the favourites and go for the skateboarders or riders that are likely to win. This does not mean that the underdogs cannot steal the show, so make sure to sneak a little bet on the side for those at the bottom of the outright winner lists – just in case.

The Best Bookmakers

BMX and Skateboarding markets tend to go live closer to the actual events and can be more difficult to locate since these two sports are not really what you would call mainstream or major league.

Some of the largest bookies that you should check for odds are definitely Bovada and 888Sports, although other online bookies are bound to expand their market offers in the Summer of 2020…