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editor's note:
Apache Junction Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Junc in the trunk!

In a recent skatepark review of a less-worthy park, we suggested some criteria for a killer skate scene: 1.] Cover the basics [hesh + tech], and 2.] add some creative and original features. Apache Junction - aka "AJ" - is all that and a bag a chips!

Yes, yes. The "Phoenix" scene - already one of the best concentrations of skateparks anywhere - is still killin' it. The top of the list includes Chandler, Gilbert, Paradise Valley [Pics!?!], and this fine piece of work. Crazy proper respects out to the design team, including Mark Leone [now with Academy skateparks - 480.250.5611], Colby Carter, and everyone else at Site Design Group [480.894.6797]. Damn impressive.

Directions: From Phoenix, take the I-60 east to Apache Junction. Exit Ironwood and head north. The park is at Ironwood and Southern, very close to AJ High School.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The snakerun rounds out the
back of the park at Apache
skatepark. The
transfer line [left side of this
series] takes you into another
little bowl...

^ Tons of street lines
here, including rails,
ledges, gaps, all that.
We didn't have the best
lighting, so our pics
barely cover all the glory
at this spot...

money skate companies
- get off your fat
asses and sign this kid!
Fearless and fully
equipped w/ rocket boosters -
Dustin Cutlip, frontsider.
[Video: Ali Kermani]

<-- Gnar      
      Tech -->

^ SHITEO: Pop,
flip, catch, throw it
behind you - backside
flip! Mike Kearney
makin' it look so easy!
[Video: Ali Kermani]

^ Another thing we could
mention about this park
is the righteous elevation
change - over 6 ft. We're
up top, on this shot, shooting
down at the hits on the inside
section of the snake run.

^ That's a little bit of a kicker/
grind ledge in front. Sets you up for
that loading dock to flat scenario...

^ This snake run is one of the
few in the US that actually works
right. The one at Vans in Ontario
is ridiculous. Canada has a ton
of old-school style snakers...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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