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editor's note:
Bullhead City Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Dirt [!?!]
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Bullshit construction

The skatepark in Bullhead City is over 10,000 years old... okay, that's a lie. It was probably built [butchered?] in 2000 or 2001 - it just looks like it was built a million years ago. It still has a ton of great stuff to skate - but like so many maimed skateparks, it could have been helza better.

"I wanted to write to let you guys know about the park in Bullhead City. It's not the best park, but I like it. The park is mostly transition and it has two bowls. There is a 4 ft pyramid in the middle. You should come check it out for yourselves. Fun time, fun ride."

- Justin Pursley: Jul '02

Yeah, Justin's got it right. This place is mangled, but it's still more fun than a parking lot - just ask the locals, they rip it up! There's a ton of random features like rainbow rails, launch ramps, rollers, all that. Pretty much all the flat and banked features are just fine... the bowls are the real problem. If the construction crew hadn't botched a lot of the build-out, and if the "half pipe" actually went to vert, AND if the park wasn't filled w/ dirt... this place wouldn't be so bad.

Directions: Bullhead City is located at the point where the southern tip of Nevada meets the AZ/CA border. Coming from CA and I-40, take highway 95 north just after you cross the border into AZ. Continue on 95 into Bullhead City and exit Riverview heading west [to your left] toward the Colorado river. After you cross Lakeside, get ready to head left [south] on Balboa. Balboa ends in a "park" by the water and the skatepark is right there.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Jesse Crist ripped
off this roast beef
from the deli down
the street

^ TJ Van Horn
takes the stairs
at Bullhead City

^ TJ again, indi
off the pyramid

^ I have to admit,
based on this shot,
the park looks kinda

^ "There is a 6 ft
halfpipe - kind of.
It's more like two
roll-ins pushed together." Good call, dude.
Here's half of the pipe
- what the hell were
they thinking here???
[Comments in quotes:
Justin Pursley]

^ Jesse to flat

^ Here's another view of the
set that TJ noseslid in the
1st row of pics

^ This shot really shows
what's wrong w/ this place.
That hole in the wall - scary.
They saved some cash on this
park by making it out of old
Play Dough. The dirt is obvious,
too. Then there's the bike
damage adding to the problems.
Did we mention this park is
crawling w/ cops? Yeah...

^ This bowl sucks.

^ See all those launch ramps
and tech-stuff heading into the
background? All that stuff is cool...
tons of stuff to skate here, despite
the problems.

^ You booze - you lose, kids.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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