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* Outdoor
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Phoenix finest!

Do you like hot, dry, flat, traffic-congested, deserty cities that sprawl on forever in any direction? If you do, you'll just love Phoenix!

Update: In response to my nasty viewpoint on the aesthetics of Phoenix, local Lance Wilson had the following to say:

"Phoenix is shitty hot in the summer, but you're wrong about the rest of the year. We were out skating on Christmas last year and it was a perfect 70. Most of the year it's perfect skating weather. Usually around 70-90. When I'm out skating I meet a lot of people who come out here just to skate our parks and they love it out here. They always mention how you can skate outdoors year round."
- Lance Wilson: Aug '01

Okay, fine. Lance is right... in any case, what Phoenix lacks in natural loveliness, it more than makes up for with kick ass skateparks!

Chandler is one of at least 4 great parks in the Phoenix area [including Desert West, Mesa, and Eldorado (AKA "The Wedge" or Scottsdale)]. Rumor has it that all these parks are being funded by the state lottery. While the 18 year-old and over crowd is foolishly squandering billions of dollars at 7-11 trying to get rich quick, the state is kicking down a few million apiece for *excellent* skateparks. Some people call the lottery a "tax on people who can't do math." We'd have to agree. Lessons to be learned here: 1.) Don't waste your time w/ lottery tickets - you're gonna lose, and 2.) Go skate Phoenix!!!

Direction: Chandler is in southeastern Phoenix. Try taking the 10 east [it actually runs south in this part of town] to W. Queen Creek and exit going east. Take Queen Creek for a few miles, cross S. Dobson, and hang a right on Alma School [head South]. When Alma School crosses Ocotillo you're pretty much there. "Take a left on Ocotillo and then a right on Basha. Go past the Bashas headquarters and it will be on your right side. Only a dumbass could miss it," that part was submitted by Adrian. The park is located in the Chandler Regional Sports Complex. It's just south of the big water tower [see below for a pic].

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Still think California
is where it's at for

^ Here you're looking
over the top of a
Jersey barrier, over a
roller, w/ the stairs/
rails in the background

^ 6-sided "Volcano",
the perfect hit from
any angle - goofy or

^ Ruben Villareal
finishing up a 5050
on the tech street

^ Ruben w/ the mute
grab to flat off the
fun box

^ Ruben w/ the crooks...
We also shot this guy
w/ the 8 ft ollie to flat,
hardflip to trannie, you
name it, he could stick it!

^ James Flood w/ a huge
flyout over a barrel

^ Beautiful corner hit

^ Right behind these
kids is a solid little
5 ft bowl - U shaped and
open to the st course

^ This water tower
is a good landmark
if you're trying to
find Chandler for the
first time...

^ This bowl is killer!
At least 10 ft walls,
huge spine, crazy roller...
There are a lot of great
old schoolers that rip
this place

^ Mike Corarrubias
tail transfer over
the spine at the big bowl

^ Wide angle shot of
Chandler's "second" bowl.
About 6 - 9 ft w/ a
great hit... classic
Kidney design

^ Frontside slash
across perfect coping
in the "second" bowl

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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