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editor's note:
Eldorado aka The Wedge

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Snake in the desert

Scottsdale's Eldorado skatepark is noticeably different than the other standout Phoenix parks. It's certainly not as good as Chandler, it's not as big and juicy as Mesa, and it doesn't have the "sprawl" feel that Desert West has. It's more "typical," but definitely solid.

UPDATE: Since the original review from this park, we've received a few emails with comments on "The Wedge." Here are a couple particularly good ones:

"The wedge was a 'crete bank we used to skate on. It was under the road [the road was a bridge that went over the park] and it was more like an upside-down ditch [bank/flat/bank], but on the backside it was grass. We put parking blocks and picnic tables at the top of it to make it a little more fun! It was pretty sweet for its time! We used to drive 20 miles just to skate there, since it was far better then the loading docks most skaters had to play on back in the late 80s and early 90s!"

- Rob Williams: May '01

We've also got a few comments from another park freak.

"The most expensive park in Phoenix is also the worst one - Eldorado. It cost about $330,000 to build. They only involved one skater in the design process and the park was built by people who don't skateboard and don't understand anything about trannie. It's called the wedge because of the banks that are under the bridge. Now the cracks [under the bridge] have gotten bigger and not many people skateboard there anymore - we've been spoiled by all the other good parks around here."

- Luis Solis: February '01

If you've got pics, or comments you'd like to send us, kick that sheez down to us at SK8parkLIST and we'll post.

Directions: The Wedge is located not too far from where MacDowell intersects the 101 freeway in Scottsdale. From the 101, exit MacDowell and head west. As you cross Hayden [80th St], get ready to make a right [north] into Eldorado park at 77th. If you get to Scottsdale Rd, you've gone too far.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Pow! Wes Novack with the
oh-so-pretty boardslide

^ Flat bar fun

^ Bank action

^ Fun box #3

^ Ummm, tacos...

^ Tannie flip trick

^ Mr Novack kicks
another for you
childrens at home

^ Big f-box

^ Snake pic...
This run reminds us of
Colorado Springs' park

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