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editor's note:
Thrasher Land

* Outdoor: Fiberglass [!?!] / Masonite
* Pay: ["Ha!"]
* Oververt / Trannie
* Rating: Should change their name to 'Thrashed Land'

What can we say about Thrasher Land... We hate to diss anyone's vision, but this place really sucks. It's out the middle of nowhere, the ramps are made of fiberglass [can you imagine a fiberglass splinter running through your leg... uhhhg!], and everything's beat to shit. As if that wasn't enough, we haven't seen cracks this bad since g-sting night at Over-Eaters Anonymous!!!

We went through the trouble of shooting and producing this park to save you guys the effort of having to see it yourself. We think you should forget about this place and get your ass to one of Phoenix' finest - check Chandler, Mesa, Desert West, and Eldorado. But if you're the kind of kid that has to stick your finger in the light socket before you can appreciate what that feels like... go see for yourself.

Directions: Start out by pointing your ride toward the setting sun [west]. Maybe take the 10 freeway west... Exit 99th Ave and head north for about 6 major streets [crossing Thomas, Indian School, Camelback...] and turn left on Glendale Ave [not to be mistaken for the lyric in the Beastie Boys song... "Glendale Blvd - is where it's at!"]. Make a left [west] on Glendale, head out to about where 109th would be and you should see the big ass trailer on your right - pics below. If you hit the Agua Fria River, you've gone too far!!!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Ghetto like drinking
suds out of a paper bag!

^ Crack kills!

^ A genuine 15-20ft
full pipe - rare!
Kinda sweet, but it
still sports more
crack than your fat
uncle Larry...

^ Good looking mini's,
but they may be too
beat down to ride...

^ 411 in case you're
still interested

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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