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editor's note:
Santa Ana Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Street
* Rating: Missing something!

So - did you hear about the new Santa Ana skatepark [summer of 2002]? You might want to check it out... Julian likes it.

"New skatepark - the absolute best park ever! All street!!! 7 stair rail and hubbas, 11 stair rails and hubba. Flat ledges everywhere. Flatbars everywhere! Bank rails, bank ledges, gonz gap, massive 2 stair... tightest park ever made!!!"

- Julian Choi: Aug '02

While Julian may have found the holy grail of parks for himself, you may want to think about this a little before you start dishing out awards. While a "100% bowls" park doesn't make sense, some could argue that a "100% street" park is just as much of a mistake.

First, to give this park some props - which it deserves - it's a damn good street park. Most of the features aren't that different from what you'd find in the rest of the SoCAL parks, however, two features really stand out. 1.] The "big" rail is actually big. It's no Diego Bucchieri, 20 stair nut-wrecker. But at 11 stairs, it's a legitimate rail, not a baby-sized version of a real street rail. It's also not the only size in the park, so it's big-time without being too exclusive. 2.] The "loading dock" design is fresh approach, too. It creates a nice gap to clear, as well as big drop-gaps for various other tricks. Compare this fine park to Palmdale [for instance], and the progression is obvious.

Now comes the crankiness - what, no trannie?!? Who's stupid idea was that? There's plenty of room in this park for a nice little bowl or something. With all the interesting bowls we've seen in the last couple of years, this place is a burner. What's with that one section that's nothing but a big bank and a ledge - big fuckin' deal! This place has street coming out its ass... the no trannie thing is like a slap in the face.

We have NEVER made an argument for "all hesh" parks. Skating is NOT one-dimensional, it's more diverse than that. Making "all tech" parks with no flow sucks just as bad as a one size fits all snake run. I know, you probably had Little Johnny the tech wizard sayin' "don't give me any lousy quarter pipes, dudes!" But that's a little like asking a 5 year old if he wants to learn how to spell. He'll say "no," but that's not what's good for his ignorant ass, is it? "100% street" parks aren't what's best for skating either.

If there's anything SoCAL has plenty of it's streets. And while we're well aware of the ticket situation, and the caps, and the cops, etc., the street monkeys will ALWAYS find street shit to skate. A skatepark represents a unique opportunity to create some not-so-street features. Flatland is cool and all, but you guys blew it on this one. Spent all the money to recreate shit that was already there in the streets... wasted a perfect opportunity to create some trannie that would blow little Johnny's mind - as soon as he learned how to ride it - which will never happen 'cause you donkeys forgot to build it. Tsk, you should know better.

Directions: Santa Ana's park is right in the middle of the 405 and 5 freeways, and also between the 55 and the 22 freeways. One way to get there would be to take the 405 south to Warner Ave. Take Warner east, past Euclid to Harbor, then make a left on Harbor [north]. From Harbor, head north to Edinger. Make a right [east] on Edinger and the skatepark will be on your right [south side of the st] in Centennial park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Collin Provost
attackin' the fatty
rail... some teeth
WILL be lost on this
one, no doubt!

^ "The Santa Ana
skatepark is Orange
County's largest public
skatepark. It's 15,000
sq ft of street course.
Some of the best street
and skatepark spots
around CALI were
copied into this one
location." [Comments:
DJ McGuyver]

^ Here's Collin again
- this time going
frontside on the 7
stair. We actually
shot this ripper
before at the Vans
park in Orange.

^ SHITEO: We scored
lots of sweet footage of
of this dude - Shadi Charbel,
banger 360 flip over the BIG

^ While everyone has a ledge
to ride, this "loading dock"
set up is the first one on
SKATEparkLIST that we know of.
Totally worthy feature. It's a
classic skate element, it's burly,
it sets up the rails, creates
gaps... good idea!

^ SHITEO: Here's
another Darkstar guy
[Chet?] on an ani-
mated kickflip nose
to fakie...
[Video: Ali Kermani]

^ Darkstar was there
on opening day. Canadian
Gailea Momolu was
busy gettin' his demo on.

^ SHITEO: 11
stairs of board
sliding courtesy
of Collin Provost
[Video: Ali Kermani]

^ "Mid-flight four stair!"
[Rider/Submission: Andrew Combs]

^ While trannie freaks are
severely neglected, the street
kids have tons of options.

^ One last shot of
Collin, blastin' off
the only air-worthy
feature in the park...

^ This section of the park
SUCKS! Nice 20 ft ledge
and flatland preserve.
This is where the bowl
should have gone. This
place is overkill on
the jumbo curbs
- how
about some flow? A little
bowl, a concrete mini...

^ "They copied the
"Santee Pyramid"
from the Santee
skatepark in San
Diego." [Comment:
DJ McGuyver]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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