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editor's note:
Azusa Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "From A to Z, in the USA!"

Hummm, Azusa. Pretty good "street" park. Not great, but pretty good.

The lack of trannie is retarded. 100% street is wack - you hear that Purkiss Rose [you guys know better - how about some help over here?!?]. Give the street skaters something to skate - even 90% of the park would be fine with just about everybody. But purposely skipping any transition in favor of MORE ledges... tsk.

This park does have a LITTLE bit of trannie - almost. I found two "hits" capable of a decent little pop. The little kicker pyramid is okay - too small, but okay. The typical "quarter pipe" at Azusa is more like a bank with a radius at the bottom - not that fun. All the emphasis on stairs kills a lot of lines, too.

The really SUPER wack thing about this park is the "only open 2 hours a day" rule. Full pad nannie hysteria in effect. They don't open until after 3 on weekdays, and they close at dark. In the winter, that's two hours a day. What a waste of concrete. When they ARE open - at least the Saturday I was there - it was dead. A couple of little kids... no aggression, no rippers, no real session. Total bummer.

Directions: Easy to get to this place - just hard to skate it! Take the 210 to Azusa - between Glendora and Monrovia. Exit Vernon, and head north toward the mountains. Almost immediately you'll make a right [east] on Hollyvale, then another right [south] on Orange. Park is obvious, skatepark is next to the gym.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Big sign at Azusa skatepark.
I think they want you to call it
"Canyon City" Skatepark... whatever.

^ SHITEO: Jacob
Smith is a rippin'grommit
He was also the only sign of
life in the park that
day. Did the 10 stair,
too. Kid kills it!

^ They could have put some
killer trannie in the middle...
that other shit is boring, anyway.

^ "Mikey Silva - 10 stair ollie."
[Photo/Comments: Rich G.]

^ If you count carefully,
you'll find 5 rails in this
shot... there are actually
more not shown here.

^ "Mikey Silva - big ollie
over the double set of 3"
[Photo/Comments: Rich G.]

^ Another look at that 10 stair

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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