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editor's note:
Union Pool

* Outdoor: Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie
* Rating: "Bowl" game!

"I first met Jesse 'Pilgrim' on Super Bowl Sunday - on a trip to the Union Pool in Bakersfield."

"Frank Atwater had invited me to go up with him and another friend, Dane. We drove up and went to Frank's friend Ben's place. Ben was building his own backyard pool, and Frank was going to help him dig it. We all pitched in and helped with the digging of that pool. After a while, we set out to get into some skating. Frank's friend Jesse heard we were up in Bakersfield skating some pools, and he decided to come up and skate, too."

"Jesse made the trip and started skating right away. After getting warmed up, he started getting some good lines in. At one point he was busting frontside 5-0 grinds over the deathbox..."

"Not to be outdone, Frank was doing boardslides to rock in the 3 ft shallow end [regular 'rock', instead of coming out fakie]. How'd he do that? Pure determination and skill! He would just force the boardslides to turn out and ride them back into 8 inches of trannie! The best part was Frank had forgotten his board so he was using my board that he had sort of fixed up like his... crazy!"

"By this time, Jesse was ready to try something else. He goes and does Jeff Grosso's famous "keep on truckin" trick - for the first time in a pool - while riding Grosso's pro model! It was cool seeing him do it all styled out with his heel totally flat against the board."

"After everyone took their last runs, we headed home from a great time... oh yeah, I guess there was some football game on TV, too."

- Mark Whitaker: May '02

Directions: This pool is not far from Ben's place, just around the corner from another house, within walking distance of a road... have fun!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Jesse on this totally
"technical" liptrick at
the Union pool... keep on truckin, baby!
[Photo: Whitaker -
Rider: Jesse]

^ Crrrerrhhgghrrrch!
Truck meets 'crete
in this fight to the
finish over the death
box. [Photo: Whitaker -
Rider: Jesse]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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