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editor's note:
Baldy Pipeline

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Oververt
* Rating: Fullpipe peelers

For those of you that haven't seen it, there is this great movie by Rick and Buddy called "Fruit of the Vine." Along w/ tons of footage of various skate terrain from pools to parks, they also make the sacred journey to the Baldy Pipeline.

At some point in that segment, Salba says that "every true skater needs to make at least one trip to the fullpipe" - or something like that. We'd have to agree. It's not that you're not a "real" [hesh dog] skater if you haven't hit Baldy... but it IS an ancient trannie temple that pumps out skate vibes with every simple line.

I really can't put it into words exactly... but at the end of the day I didn't want to leave. There are virtually no features, just a gentle slope, thundering booming "oooooohm-oooooohm" audio, some sketchy cracks, etc., but the experience was more addicting than the new honey BBQ wings at KFC! Every run made you crave the carve. At the end of pipe, I'd run back up the length of the tunnel to the "start spot", anxious to get back on those walls. The three hours we spent there snuck through our fun like three minutes.

Baldy needs to be on this SK8parkLIST because it's true core transition riding. It's the perfect example of the skateboarder's evolution from surf style - a crushing 15' wave, constantly barreling and spitting a spiral of primal stoke from the burly black darkness. I don't mean to get all heavy on you, but it was "religious" and it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Directions: We're not going to tell you how to get to this place because we don't want to do anything that could shut this place down. It's not legal to ride there as it is, but it's a go if you're ready to take it on. Have fun, show some respect [as always!], and go get some! If you really want to find it, you'll find it.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Another classic tube-ride
at the Baldy Pipeline

^ A concrete wave-hunter,
hard at work...
[Photo: J. Nolan]

^ As you walk up
to the tunnel, you'll
feel the ghosts
of sessions past
and know you're
in good company

^ SPL propaganda

^ Todd Griffiths
hanging on as the
walls toss him

^ SHITEO: Bear
witness to Todd's
battle w/ the
oververt - ohhh,
and it's ANIMATED!!!

^ After seeing Salba rip
this spot on video, I
thought it'd be easy to
come off the oververt...
I was a clueless moron.
[Photo: J. Nolan]

^ John Jacobs looming
like an icon... he's
a f**ckin' giant and
makes this place look
smaller than it is!
[Photo: Mark Sizemore]

^ More layers than an onion,
Baldy's got graf...
[Photo: J. Nolan]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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