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editor's note:
Bell Gardens Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Parque de Patinaje"

Dude, this one's a little outta hand. I mean, I like Bell Gardens and all, but the rules and security at this place are SO over the top. Hyperactive park Nazis - at it again.

They've got a fat locked gate - I hate that. In fact, we sat around on the sidewalk, starring at the park one morning waiting for the security guy to show up. See, bullshit red tape in skateparks always starts w/ that damn gate.

The security dude was cool, but he didn't speak any English. That's cool too, except he couldn't tell us why he was throwing us out. A bi-lingual local explained we needed to get an ID card. I hate ID cards. I really hate Bell Gardens ID cards, 'cause you can't get them at the skatepark. No, that would be too easy on the kids. Not only do you need your mommy's signature to get that ID, but you gotta drag her ass to some other park to do it. It gets worse when the security guard doesn't speak enough English to tell you where the other park is - can you believe this shit?!?

After driving around for another 15 minutes, we found the other park where you get the IDs. We killed another hour getting the IDs done, then headed back to park. In case you're thinking of just hopping the fence to avoid the wild goose chase, you should know that the park is also equipped with 1.] motion detectors, and 2.] security cameras. Good lord! What a waste of cash... all that money should have gone into the park. Bell Gardens park planners - you suck!!! You just about ruined this place.

The park itself, like I said, is cool. This is one of the newer Purkiss Rose parks [714.871.3638] and I like it. Good flow, almost deep enough, nice hits, good coping - no complaints on the design, this is a solid addition to LA's skatepark scene.

Park Directions: Bell Gardens is off the 5 freeway. Coming from the south, take Interstate 5 north to the Garfield Avenue exit and head south. If you pass Slauson Avenue, then you are headed in the right direction. Make a left onto Florence Place and the skatepark is two blocks down on the left.

ID Card Directions: Also off the 5 freeway - take Interstate 5 to the Garfield Avenue and head south. Pass Slauson Avenue, and make a left onto Park Place and the Parks and Recreation building is on the right, adjacent to Ford Park. The address is 8000 Park Place. Their phone number is 562.806.7650.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Even though they've done
everything they could to keep
skaters out - Bell Gardens
skatepark is actually fun if
can just get thru all the steps
it takes to ride it.

^ Black Sheep Army
commando - Todd
Griffiths - working
the stair set

^ SHITEO: Todd
mixes it up on with a
5050 transfer to board-
slide in this ani-shot.

^ Rob Penzel
making quick work
of those stairs...

^ I'm not too into this bowl.
I DID like the transfers out
onto the street course...

^ Rob "Mutegrab"
Penzel shows you
how he got his nick-

^ Ahhh - those are
some sweet looking hits!

^ This is a small
double set. You've
got a 4 stair on top,
and a little 2 ft quarter
at the bottom. It IS
possible to ollie the
whole thing - Rob did it.

^ En Español! y Ingles

^ The evidence of
all the money they
wasted on the gate -
Yes, that's the prison
guard on the right.

^ Local Sergio Padilla
- 5050s on one of several
grindable ledges.

^ Let's see: Lights,
good... security
camera, bad! No one's
gonna steal this park!
Take a f**kin' break

^ If I was a 16 yr old skater, and I
couldn't get my mommie to sign the
fool-ass waiver, I might make a FAKE ID!
On this one for instance, I changed the
bottom info [name / address], but the top
part is original - pretty close, huh? Use an
Arial font, about 13 pts... I changed the pic too,
just be sure to use that purple-colored background
and blur everything a little so it looks like theirs.

^ Yep. With a simple inkjet printer,
and a copy of Photoshop, you could skip
the waiver thing
. Kinkos could laminate
the ID for you. Then just carry it around in
your pocket for a week to jack it up and
you're ready to ride... font for the back
is something like Impact, 14 pts.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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