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Wheels in Motion:

735 1st St
Benicia, CA


editor's note:
Benicia - Amphitheater

* Outdoor: 'Crete / 'Spalt
* Free
* Trannie
* Rating: Lo-fi thrills

We've been sleeping on the review of the Benicia skatepark for years. With sooo many bitchin' parks to cover, we just thought we'd let sleeping dogs lie for while - but NO LONGER!

You see, back when I shot the "fine pics" of the Benicia park that you see below, I used to try to draw a "layout" of every park I went to - all pen and ink style. I hadn't quite figured out that when you take "quality" photy-grafs of something, you don't need a drawing! Now if your pictures suck, well, then a diagram of the park flow might come in handy. Anyway, while many of our shots today still suck, we've certainly come a long way from the days of disposable cameras and notebook mock-ups. The Benicia skate scene, as it turns out, has come a long way, too.

The pics you'll feast on below are of the CURRENT skatepark. Rumor has it this place is "officially an amphitheater," but Benicia claims it was designed [in 1987!] to be a "state of the art" skatepark. It's really not much of park by modern standards - just a few rounded hits, no coping, no street stuff at all, really.

"99% of the skaters that go there seem to do one thing: that is, get massive speed down the steepened drive way, and ollie-air as high as they can off the stage."

- Rasputin: '95

In the way of some good news, a new park that promises to be more "tight" and "modern" is on its way [as of Jan '02]. They're apparently hard at work on a 25,000 sq ft banger to be built at a separate location. For more on that noise, check the following digits: Park hotline - 707.746.1072

Speaking of coming a long way, our collection of Bay Area parks continues to sprawl like tract-mansions on a hillside. Children take warning and digest the following: To the north[west] you have rolling thunder at Rosa, a volcano at Petal-town, post-modern mayhem at Healdsburg, and big woodies at Grand Prix in Sacto. Continuing east, beware of strangers at parks like Dublin, Livermore, Antioch, and especially Ripon. Our southern neighbors offer up temptation in the likes of Crocker in the EssEff, Greer in Palo Alto, and the Vans mecca of Milpitas.

Directions: From SF, get yourself to the 680 and head north to 780 into Benicia. Exit East 2nd street and head west - toward the bay. At Military West St, make a right [north]. Continue on to West Seventh and Willow Glen Park [on your left - west]. The skatepark is in Willow Glen at the intersection of West Seventh and West K streets. That park hotline again for the NEW park is: 707.746.1072

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Our only shot NOT
taken from behind a bush
- Benicia skatepark!
We actually carried
this dude's name around
for 3 years - big ups
to Salvador!

^ Sunday afternoon
fashion complete w/
empty beer cans,
big air, and butt crack!

^ That back corner
[which apparently
inspired Venice]
is about as tech as
this park gets...

^ Bank detail

^ The day we bagged these
shots, the locals were killin'
it. Yes, they were drunk and
rowdy and bleeding, but they were
definitely making the best of
this ancient session.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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