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editor's note:
Bellflower Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Straight and Narrow

"Have you guys been to Cruders skatepark? It's in Bellflower."

Honky404: Apr '02

Yeah, we have - here's the rundown:

I like this park. The street course is fully stocked and has nice flow. I mean, the park is as small as everything else in SoCAL, but it's fun. And the bowl, that's where this park makes its mark.

Regarding design on this one, we have Purkiss Rose [714.871.3638]. One of their more recent parks, the rides are getting better and better outta that lab. Builder info, comes to us from a Purkiss Rose insider...

"Yeah, Bellflower is cool. That's a Wally Hollyday construction [California Skateparks - 909.949.1601]."

- Jerry Nolan: Feb '02

This is one of the better parks in the area, but additional suggestions include Paramount, Cerritos, Bell Gardens, Pico Rivera, La Habra, Brea, and Fullerton - all LA concrete parks, not a bad collection! For a local "woodie," check out the sweet bowl and more at Torrance!

Directions: Bellflower is located west of Interstate 605, between the 91 freeway and Interstate 105. From the 91 Freeway, exit at Bellflower Blvd, and head north. Make a right [east] onto Flora Vista St. Cross Woodruff Ave. and continue on Flora Vista all the way to Ruth Caruthers Park. The skatepark is in the northeast corner of the park, across the reservoir, to the east, from the rest of the park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Street section at Bellflower -
notice the BMX banditos in the
background... heads up on that noise!

^ Scott Rowden had
all the good lines
down at B-Flower -
8 stair ollie to flat.

^ Big ollie pop
outta the street
course, courtesy of
Timothy Jarvis.

^ Scott - again. If
he was anymore calm
on this trick, he would
have fallen asleep...

^ The 8 stair was
a local favorite

^ Now check this out... this series
is distorted in the middle, but the left
end is pretty accurate. 4 corner hits
form 5 "pockets" of transition. Aggressive
lines give up big blasts of air. It could
have been better if they ditched the shallow
end and put in a 7-9 ft wall instead, but
it's still a fun one!

^ Very unique feature here...
part of the bowl. Imagine fs
feeble to fakie - uh! Or fs
lipslide, 180 out!?! Or, fs
boardslide, heelflip to fakie
out!!! I didn't actually see any
of that shit, but it would be
cool, huh?

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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