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editor's note:
Brentwood Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free [??]
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Locked-up rule zone...

Kinda in the middle of nowhere - the Brentwood skatepark is pretty good. Now, this is Brentwood in NorCAL, not the Brentwood near UCLA in SoCAL... heads up on that.

"Brentwood sucks in a lot of ways because the hours are, weekends 9:00 - 5:00 and weekdays 2:00 - 5:00. Also there are monitors... so come on weekends to get the cool monitors. Also, the skatepark has lights only for security, which they should let us skate. It's a fun park, just the rules suck. That's it."

- Bob Bob: Dec '03

Good review, dude. Perfect. Skaters telling it like it is... that's what we want.

For more parks in the area, take a look see at Antioch and Concord - they're both nearby. A little further west you have real good trannie at Martinez, there's a war zone in Fairfield worth checking out, and finally, Ripon will give you that beating you've been looking for!

Direction: Brentwood is in the northeast part of the Bay Area. Try this... take the 680 north toward Concord, and branch off to the northeast on the 242, then east on highway 4 past Antioch. Follow the signs to Brentwood as highway 4 bends to the south. Once you're in Brentwood, you'll branch off of highway 4 onto Walnut [still going south]. Soon after you'll make a right on Belfour [west], and then a right [north] on Griffith. The skatepark is part of a rec center located at 195 Griffith.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Brentwood skatepark... a little
random here and there. One of a few
efforts from Land Image Skateparks
[530.899.1913]. They've done a few
parks in "Northern CA," including
the park in Chico CA.

chop-chop airtime
from Stephen Curtis

^ SHITEO Stephen
again, going backside
this time...

^ SHITEO Backside
tailslide, bigspin out!
- we'll call it "bad ass!"
Props out to
Daniel Bryan for
nailin' this one
in 90 degree heat!

^ Few boxes...

^ Backside of the bowl...
see that soft roller thing
on the far right? That would
be a big tribute to Bay Area
relic Santa Rosa!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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