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1775 Daily Dr. #C
Camarillo, CA


editor's note:
Pleasant Valley

* Outdoor: concrete
* Free park
* Vert and Street
* Rating: The Kmart of good times...

As big as a football field, packed full o' goodies, and free of charge, this place is a blue-light special for the frugal skate park aficionado.

Pleasant Valley is a gang of fun with something for everyone. Main attractions include a 5 ft rectangular bowl, a fun box with more options than a Swiss Army knife, and a sweet pair of nipples mid-course just to spice things up.

In our last episode, we warned you that we'd be updating this page w/ some new pics of local hErOEs - well, don't say we don't make good on our promises. Check the third row for the new footy. Special thanks to local rippers Eddie Villa, Edgar Plaza, and the old school shredder that broke off those smiths for us. You guys kick ass.

If you're looking for some more local action in SO-CAL's "805", check out SkateStreet and SkateLab for some sophisticated rippage.

Directions: Coming from Ventura, take Highway 101 south. Exit at Carmen Drive and head north. Turn right [east] on Ponderosa Drive. Take Ponderosa Dr. to Temple Avenue. The park is in the southeast corner of the Ponderosa/Temple intersection, behind the Boy's and Girl's club.
...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Camarillo's "Pleasant Valley"
skate park is located in a park
behind the Boy's and Girl's Club

^ Rollergirl works a
little magic in the pool

^ This fun box is just
about perfect... kinked
ledge, rainbow rail, 3
tabletops - ah j'eah!

^ the locals here have
this habit of working
the pool for speed and
launching out of the bowl

^ Eddie Villa with
the one footed blunt
...hells o' styly

^ local hErO
Edgar Plaza
has more pops
than Kelloggs

^ text book Smith
grind into the
pool's corner
by Eli

^ on the back wall
- opposite the pool -
there is a wall of banks
and quarters

^ local grommit

^ this line has
pool to rail to
nipples to back

^ check this line:
pool to fun box to quarter
to nipples to pool to air out

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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