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editor's note:
Carpinteria Skatepark

* Outdoor: Masonite and Asphalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Beware of the haters...

CLOSED?: As of Sep'01 this park is closed - at least temporarily. We haven't checked it personally, but that's what we hear. Rumor has it, they're thinking about repairing it and/or moving it to another location. We'll post when we know more, and if you hear anything, pls let us know.

Carpinteria's park is in a little town located about 15 minutes south of Santa Barbara's park. You know, it used to be that the world headquarters of SK8parkLIST were located in Carp?! Ya, no kidding. Speaking of corporate headquarters, another little skate company called "Shorties" also represents. This place is booming and we bet you didn't even know it was there...

If you ever get a chance to visit Carp, you'll see right away that every grom in the whole town lives and breathes glued to a skateboard. The board-to-kid ratio is like a skatopian fantasy sometimes. That's why the fascist ticketing bullshit on the town's two main streets is so ridiculous. Simply cruising down Carp Ave or Linden Ave [the park is right off of Linden..] will earn you a ticket, a court date, and you get to walk home 'cause they keep your board until after you go to court. Can you believe it?!? No warning, no talkin' your way out of it, no exceptions. Meanwhile you can ride your bike anywhere your silly ass desires. To make matters worse, those damn scoot-scoots are chill w/ the cops as well. Bullshit, bullshit, BULLSHIT!!! And just in case you think you're the shit-kickin' lucky one, you should also know that the only thing Carp has more of than skateboards is cops.

Even in the 2K, the old ladies in charge of city planning are still *hatin'* on us. Don't you guys ever get sick of that shit?!? Skateboarding is not a crime, biotches!!! Anyway...

Even though we don't really feel like thanking Carp for a damn thing right about now, the park, like the Fonz, is cool. There's a big pyramid fun box w/ a ledge that the tech dogs like a whole bunch [you should check out Church of Skatan's "Oh My God!" for some clips on that box - it's a *sick* video]. There are some fun kicker/banked boxes in the middle of the course. There is also a 6 ft mini w/ a spine and some other quarters and roll-ins spread around to create some solid flow on the otherwise slightly rough asphalt [the park is in an old parking lot]. If you hang out long enough, you'll invariably hear someone holler "5-oh" as the cops roll up - they do ticket for riding without pads, so make sure you come prepared. Finally, if you can get to Carp easy, you might think about driving over the hill to skate Ojai's park [check their mini... tiny but fun].

Directions: Carp is the first town in Santa Barbara County as you come up the 101 from Ventura/LA. To get to the park, exit the 101 at Casitas Pass [just north/west of Highway 150] and head south toward the beach. Make a right [west] when the street dead-ends, and go about three blocks to Linden, where you'll make a left [south]. About four blocks down Linden, make a right on 5th [there's no sign currently, so good luck] at the liquor store right before the railroad tracks. The park will be on your left in the parking lot just north of the tracks. A lot of people don't even know it's there, but it's not that hard to find. Rip it up, but stay off the sidewalks unless you want to get treated like a criminal...

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ View from the entrance...

^ We may be a
"little" bitter
on Carp, but that's
not the mini-ramp's
fault... no, no.

^ There's a nice
little kicker into
the mini if you're
into that

^ The end of the
mini that opens
into the park is
half spine, half

^ Bam, a little
workout on the ramp!
[check the spine...]

^ You're looking at
ledges on the middle
set of fun boxes, with
the big fun box in the

^ Ollie to fakie
on one the quarters

^ Rail and roll-in

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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