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380 W. Foothill Blvd.
Claremont, CA


editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "IE's" not just a browser...

Part of the Inland Empire's arsenal of skateparks, Claremont is one of those "it's skateable, but nothing to brag about" parks.

The park was designed by Purkiss Rose [714.871.3638] in 1998. The relatively early completion date may have something to do w/ its fairly "boring" design. Purkiss Rose refers to the design as "low risk," which is a typical aspiration for a SoCAL skatepark. Unfortunately, the attempts to make skateboarding *safe* [ha!] just made the park less attractive. There's zero-point-zero trannie other than a useless 3 ft round "birdbath" bowl. It's got coping, but it looks barely grindable and totally unslideable based on the absence of anything even close to vert. The park is also completely flowless - basically it's got a few tech features and that's it.

If you're a Claremont local, I'm sure it's nice to have a park close by that you can sesh w/ your friends. However, if you're mobile you've got infinitely better parks nearby including San Dimas, for instance. Now that park was designed by Purkiss Rose as well, cost about the same [$125k-ish], is about the same size [about 8k ft], but Dimas is a *much* better ride. Other local parks include mediocre efforts in La Verne and Glendora that aren't worth skating unless you're trapped there or just learning. The best public park in the area is in Diamond Bar. Finally, you've got pay park opportunities at The Brickyard in Redlands and Vans in Ontario.

Directions: Coming from downtown Los Angeles take Interstate 10 east. Exit at Indian Hill Boulevard [about 45 minutes from L.A. without traffic], and head north. Dive past Foothill Blvd. [route 66], and look for Claremont High School on the left. Make a left into the high school parking lot. The skatepark is adjacent to the school parking lot.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Welcome to Claremont.
Typical rules in effect: No bikes
and pads required...

^ Nice boardslide
by Ryan Lueras. "He
is sponsored by Pharmacy
Board Shop out of Palm
." [Shot and
submitted by Joe Lueras]

^ BS 50-50 on
a Claremont ledge

^ Stupid, stupid, boring little bowl...

^ This kid is
clearly ready
for a bigger park...
banger ollie to flat!

^ Wide view w/
another 10 ft
ollie to flat!!!

^ Melon steez by
unknown ripper

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