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editor's note:
Concord Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: BART fumes

BART's electric [so there are no fumes], but if there were, you'd be choking on them at Concord's skatepark - BART goes right over this place.

Concord's park pretty much sucks. Definitely designed by someone who knew little or nothing about skateboarding. It has nice elevation change [= pretty good flow and carve lines], but the features range from thoughtless to plain stupid.

The only thing that's cool about this park are the "spike" pillars. I'm guessing the idea was to copy the pillars from parks like Burnside or FDR... they're kind fun, in a "barely like a skatepark" kinda way. It's also cool that they're shaped like spikes!

[Now if they could only make a bowl that's shaped like a skull! That would be rad. Skulls are rad! I like skulls... and axes, too!]

If you're in the area, bowl-dawgs will like Martinez "hella" more. Antioch and Brentwood are to the east. Heading back west toward SF, Berkeley is a "hecka bad" park!

Directions: Concord is east of SF, kind of between Martinez and Antioch. From SF, take the 80, then the 580, then the 24 - all heading east toward Walnut Creek. Near Walnut Creek, take the 680 north to the 242 [northeast] toward Concord. Exit Concord Ave [not Blvd!] heading east. You'll cross Willow Pass, then Concord Blvd and the street "becomes" Galindo [you'll be heading south-ish]. >From there, you'll make a left [east] on Cowell and a right [south] on San Miguel. The skatepark is under the BART tracks.

...scroll down for pics

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^ "Big whoop" at Concord skatepark

^ Dude! Look at that shit?!
See the "kicker" trannie
on the top of that pyramid
thing? It's like a fun box
on TOP of another fun box?
How could you hit that with
any speed? This designer
never skated... not recently,
not ever.

^ Boring...

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