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editor's note:
Concrete Jungle Skatepark

PARK IS CLOSED: Check this out...

"I'm sad to say, that Concrete Jungle is no longer with us. The manager and an employee got into a fight, and the manager looted the store. I was very mad, because I was one of the few people on the team. There's a rumor that they might open it again. Some friends and I open the back gate and skate. Just wanted to inform you of the death of this park."

- Cool Guy: May 03

We think we know a thing or two about skateparks - especially in SoCAL - but we'd never heard of Concrete Jungle before we stumbled onto it in the middle of an all-day skate mission earlier this year.

This turned out to be an awesome neighborhood scene. Buried away in a strip mall, you'd never guess how much trannie they've got. You walk thru their fully stocked skate shop, thru a little door, into a realm of ramps and rippage.

Checking our options, we settled in to watch an evil session go down on the flat bar. Crazy skills were in attendance - totally surprising how good the locals were. Trick of the day was executed by local Rudy Medellin - boardslide, kickflip out - but that was just one of many.

We owe shout-outs to some of the other local head-bangers, including Adam Jaure, Jason Morrissette, Chad Latzke, Chris Jaure, Frank Cervantes and Prince Myrie. This place had so much talent. It was the kinda spot where the skaters just keep pushing each other, and pretty soon they've swollen collectively into a bubble of tricks way better than they ever would have put together on their own... skateparks kick ass!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The 6 ft miniramp at Concrete
has a little death box
section where the ramp cuts out.
It's just you and the coping
for a couple feet. This place
is a good secret to know about.

^ SHITEO: Rudy
Medellin can bust
gnarlier tricks
than this... but
until our next video
comes out, check this
backside lip!

^ SHITEO: Adam
Jaure rocks the
flatbar here with
a blunt to fakie

^ The ramp to ramp
kicker session sent
you flyin' into the

^ The coping on
the miniramp sticks
up a little too much,
but that's the only
hangup in the whole

^ This kid's name is
Prince... I thought
that was sweet and I
told him so. He looked
at me like I was crazy.

^ Gritty graf greats you as
you step into the Jungle...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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