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editor's note:
Coronado Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Pay: $10 [what?!?]
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Infested with regulation

First there were no skateparks. Then came some "ehhh, okay" ones. These days, we've got some truly excellent parks cropping up and Coronado is definitely one of them - probably in the top 10 in California for big pimpin' rippin!

No bullshit 3 ft walls in this place. No way. Big ole' bowls are on the menu on Coronado Island, so bring your appetite. Excellent coping, escalator sections, round hits, roll-ins, transfers... these bowls have it all and at least two million lines to keep you busy. Built [designed?] by Wally Holiday's crew at California Skateparks [909.949.1601], these bowls are worth the drive, so go get some!

There is a street course, too. However, the consensus is that this is a less-than-cool attraction for street skaters - most people think the street section sucks, actually. Having ridden the park, I thought it was okay. The hits are a bit flat and boring. There's a lot of emphasis on this one feature that's like a bank that goes to vert all of a sudden - I don't why this park needs 3 of those? Final criticism, I'd put some more ledges/manual-pads on the perimeter of the park. There's room for them and I think the tech heads would appreciate the extra skateables...

Now for the ugly part of this park. Coronado f**ked up by choosing to implement all the worst policies imaginable in skatepark regulation, resulting in a maze of pointless bullshit hassles. Stupid useless waivers [designed to keep kids out!], pad snitches, limited hours, locked gates. I bet they spent at least $10k on the fences alone. I'd like to see a committee of ass kickers assigned to investigate the park regulators and their gross misappropriation of scarce funds that should have gone into the park!

[Whoa - did I say that?]

While we all hate that restrictive crap and think it's ridiculous to take so many steps to bury riders of all ages in red tape, the unusually WACK thing about this park is the $10 fee [$3 - for returning riders] it costs to skate a PUBLIC facility!!! Doh.

Why do they charge money to ride a PUBLIC park while virtually every other public skatepark in the US is free? Well, they've got to pay for the fences, cops, and park monitors, of course. What if you just got rid of all that shit and let us skate, you say? Sounds like a great start to us!

Directions: Coming from San Diego, take Interstate 75 west across the bridge. Try to stay in the right lane so you can turn right into Cronan Park as soon as you cross the bridge. The skatepark is in Cronan Park, on Coronado Island. For more info call the park direct at 619.522.7342.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Panoramic of the street
course and the smaller bowl
at Coronado skatepark.
The large bowl is in the upper
right hand corner of this series

^ Round hits are where
it's at in this park

^ We had to do a separate
series just for the BIG BOWL!

^ 5-oh transfer from
the bowl to the street

^ Sam Willis tearin'
holes in the air

^ Nosegrind transfer

^ Some of those weird
st. course features had
traditional coping, some
had aluminum edges, and
one was raw 'crete...

^ Fun boxing

^ "A custom guide for trimming
along coping is used for a
consistent top edge."
- California Skateparks.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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