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editor's note:
The DC Ramp

This is a PRIVATE park and it's NOT open to the public.

Now on with the show...

Who knows what was going thru Danny Way's head as he hucked his bad self out of a chopper and tried to stick the free fall into this here trannie. Did he tense w/ fear of demon infested fantasies and a fiery afterlife? Did a stream of his life's greatest regrets pulse thru his consciousness? Was it a surreal rush of pure terror... who knows! Maybe he was just dumbfounded, thinking as he fell - "Damn! The DC Ramp is f**kin' huge!!!"

It's weird to think that skateboarding has gotten so big that this ramp was built for a single advertisement, and now primarily just sits around. It's not even a team ramp, or anything - that I know of. Meanwhile, kids all over the world are putting together jenky quarter pipes w/ rotten plywood, plastic PVC pipe, and other materials bootlegged off construction sites, etc... from backyard to bling-bling, skateboarding isn't what it used to be.

We did see another matador take on this raging bull recently - Chomp on This has a few clips of filmer Ty Evens bucking up the courage to engage this thing. Having stood at the top of this Skatelite dragon myself, I was thinking "Sheeeeeeeee-tah... big props to that fool!" At 15 ft, you gotta have brass balls just to drop in, let alone kickflip the lip!!!

Now before you go thinking your gonna get your Tony Hawk on, you should know this is a private, playas-only situation. You might find out where this bad-boy is, but that doesn't mean you can step to it. We just thought you'd want to have a look see - especially that top-down shot. Good laaaa-hwd!!!

Directions: This spot is pretty well known, but we're not going to tell you how to find it. You see, DC already yelled at us once before... one more "f**k up" and I betcha we're black-listed. However, if you're dying to see it first hand, ask around. You'll find it.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ What a mind blower! Looking down
from the top of the DC Ramp,
that's a 8 ft fence on either side...

^ And looking up...

^ It's worth knowing that whether
you're riding a 3 ft miniramp, or
two-stories of vert, a dust free
surface is crucial to save you from
painful purple hippers and trips to
the hospital!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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