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Val Surf:

22864 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA


editor's note:
Pedlow Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Loco 818 pride

Surprise, surprise, surprise... the Valley's got a skatepark! Jamon grew up in the Valley. This is *the* Valley, not "Silicon Valley", or the "San Joaquin Valley", but "Gag me w/ a Spoon" San Fernando Valley - booooooey! Once known for the "Valley Girls" in the 80's, these days it's got more gang activity than an episode of Sopranos... amidst the crowded streets, the smog, the car-jackings, etc., big thanks to the park district for kicking down a little good news for a change.

Getting pics of this place has been harder than a one-footed manual in a gravel parking lot. We showed up the night before it officially opened w/ some lights and cameras. We weren't really expecting a gnarly locked fence and a 24-hr security guard!?! What the...??? We obviously didn't get any shots that night. We came back a few weeks later and shot two rolls. 1 roll was lost by the lab [thanks!]. The other roll only had a couple clean shots - all of which are below. The best shot we've got so far [other than yours, Alicia!] we "lifted" out of a newspaper article in the LA Times. Thanks to Joel P. Lugavere for his fine "submission!" As always, your submissions are encouraged!

UPDATE: "Unfortunately, this park is being monitored by local park officials. To my surprise, they built another new fence around the park? What's up with that? Another thing is you can only ride from 12-sunset on weekdays and 9-sunset on the weekends + holidays. The pad laws are in full effect - helmet, knees, and elbows required [there are 5-10 sets that they will let you use for free]. I really don't mind the pad law. I'm 28 years old and have been skating since '85. We have been wearing pads since then and if that's the only way to get parks out here, then fuck it. Cover your ass, wear your pads and build more parks. Much love straight out of the 818."

- Matthew [Isor] Vivirito: Submitted May 2001

A few more comments on the park: Very surprising layout... It was designed by an in-house designer w/ the Parks and Rec. Dept named Virginia Hatley. That explains why it's so different from most of the parks in SoCAL. It's got a gnarly fun box [this is the super-tanker of all fun boxes - huge!] and tons of hesh-style hips [I can't believe it!]. It also has nice elevation changes, not nearly the flat, tech-favored wasteland you'd expect from a lot of Cali parks. You can count on 8,500 sq ft of riding area, w/ another 11,500 ft scheduled for future expansion. Damn, that's real nice! Just three quick criticisms: 1.) Kill the fences [they're totally unneeded - think skatepark, not prison, thank you], 2.) More coping on those hips [not all of them, but you could use *some* coping], and 3.) CROWDED! Overall, great ride, good job.

Other options in the area? Here we go. First off, don't miss the *brand new* Northridge Skatepark [also in the San Fernando Valley]. We'll have pics for you soon. We hear you've got some ramps in a tennis court at one of the parks in Burbank [Got Pics?]. For a sure thing, check out Skate Lab in Simi [bangin'!]. Then you've got Santa Clarita [barely fun - but it's being renovated!!!], Camarillo, Newbury Park, Hobart and SkateStreet out in Ventura.

Directions: To get to the Encino park from L.A. [for instance], take the 101 Freeway north [actually goes east here...] to the Balboa Blvd. exit in Encino. Make a right [north] on Balboa Boulevard, and then turn left [west] on Victory Blvd. The skatepark is on the right past Louise Avenue. The address is 17334 Victory Blvd.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ This overview of the new Encino
skatepark comes courtesy of of Joel P.
Lugavere w/ the L.A. Times...
Notice that HUGE fun box in the middle?!?

^ We're pleased to
bring you these
fine shots courtesy
of Alicia Celic
[riders unknown]

^ Submit!

^ Another one
from Alicia...
sweet action

^ Pedlow rules include
pads requirements [wrist
guards too - huh?] and the
usual *no bikes allowed.*
Bikes: Check out Northiridge
- 818.341.4758

^ Joe Florez carvin'
up the rail like a
Christmas ham

^ Robert Perez kickin'
a krooks grind

^ Senior Perez again
w/ an ollie to flat...
Pretty big walls, huh?
This is no Oregon park,
but I'm not complaining

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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