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editor's note:
Fontana Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete [lots of it!]
* Free
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Fun-tana!

Ah man, Fontana skatepark IS a can-o-worms... mark my words. There's gonna be trouble - GOOD and bad. As of May '02, here's what we've got so far...

"Have you seen the Fontana park yet? Wally Hollyday [with California Skateparks 909.949.1601] is building it right now."

- Jerry Nolan: Dec '01

"Fontana - go there!!! It's by far the best SoCAL public park I've ever been to."

- Mike McIntyre: Apr '02

"It was truly amazing! I skated it today - it was so well planned and had a place for all skill levels to skate. It was the smartest, funnest, best designed, and most flawlessly constructed skatepark I have been to since the early 1980s."

- Doug Renner: Apr '02

Those comments speak for hundreds of riders that have already tasted the action at the new park... however, not everyone thinks that Fontana is flawless, and at least three problematic issues stand out, at this time...

First "problem" [if there are any at all... we're just trying to tell the whole story] would be a street course that leaves a lot of skaters unimpressed. We know [!] - people are losing their minds about this place because of the rare and wicked bowls, not the "common" street course - but the street course deserves a mention, right?

"I agree with the criticism that the street course is a little weak - I really designed it for little kids, but even then it should have been bigger, both in scale and depth. At least it has some flow to it and you can session a variety of stairs without anyone flying into you."

- Wally Hollyday [the designer!]: May '02

The next issue - and a much bigger deal than the street course - is the "danger rating" at this park. While you'd expect that those big bowls would lead the list of "dangerous" features, the bowls are NOT a problem - it's the crowd. This park is ridiculously over-crowded [by both skaters and local goons] and the crash ups are unreal. An oblivious, chubby, 10 year old girl, blindly rolling thru one of the smaller bowls wearing "sneaker-skates" from Payless, with her snout buried in a bag of Doritos WHILE SHE SKATED, is just one example of what you'll find on a Sat afternoon. I'd avoid this place during the prime daylight hours. Go earlier/later in the day - or on weeknights - to avoid the angry mob.

Over-crowding and general lawlessness lead to the next problem - straight up brawling! Prior to Fontana, I'd never seen a fight in a skatepark... I can no longer say that. My partner was there a week after me, he saw two fights in two hours.

"My friend Tim used to own a 6 ft high x 32 ft wide ramp that was directly on the site where the park is. Blessed by the skate bug long ago, it was also cursed by the fighting bug [good fights would break out when we mixed skaters with jocks]. Anyway, the city should have known that there would be fights since Fuckedtana is home to the KKK, Hell's Angels, and plenty of other ignorant people."

- Kevin: Apr' 02

Hopefully the hype will die down and the park will survive without having to implement the typical "prison" treatment from the local government. My suggestion, get the cops in there to bust up the punch outs... NOT TO WRITE TICKETS TO SKATEBOARDERS, but just to "police" the park like they're supposed to.

Directions: Fontana is about 10 minutes east of Ontario, via the freeway. Coming from Ontario, take Interstate 10 east to the Sierra Avenue exit and head north. After the Honda dealership, make a left onto Holly Drive and a right onto Juniper Avenue. The skatepark is on the left in Juniper Park.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Fontana holds the title
for the sickest public park
in CA - for now!

^ "I want to make deep bowls that are easy
to skate and fun
, while those Oregon guys
go for a more challenging and radical
approach... I've been there and done that.
California is a difficult place to design for
right now. Hopefully Fontana is just the start
of a departure from what has typically been built
in SoCAL." [Comments: Wally Hollyday]

^ SHITEO: Lenin
Lora in the big bowl.
It's ALWAYS cool to
watch that guy skate...

^ SHITEO: "The
dragon rail is cool,
but it is also kind of
a joke... like I went to
Oregon and copied a rail
for a street course
- get it?" [Comments:
Wally Hollyday]

^ SHITEO: Unknown
ripper coming over
the coping on this
frontside moment of

^ This is another view of
of the medium-sized bowl.
Geth Noble w/ Airspeed
Skateparks calls this type
of thing an "amorphous"
area [roughly means "no shape"].
Geth and crew - who put together
Ashland in OR - built another one
of these killer "amorphoids" in
Newburyport MASS.

^ Street? I rode it and liked it - if nothing
else, it gives you something else to
skate when the bowls are over run - but
this is NOT the park's strongest area.

^ Little street gap

^ Noseslider [Submitted by
local Jesse Romero]

^ This is a second street
course that connects the big bowl
area and the park entrance...

^ If this wasn't such a good park,
I'd be bitching my ass off about
what a waste of money this is...
skateparks AREN'T supposed to be "cute,"
ditch the toys!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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