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editor's note:
London Pool

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* "Free"
* Trannie
* Rating: Another swamp spot

Heshians with the know-how will tell you, "If you want to ride pools, you gotta hang out in some gnarly places." Fresno is just such a hangout.

There is one particular strip of motels that is super-ghetto and sketchy. Hookers and cracked out freakshows left and right. The general decay promotes a bit of lawless playtime, and once and a while you can find a filthy pool or two to ride. Based on the wheel marks on the London pool, she's rideable.

London is small, but these pics were takin' in Dec, and the low water line makes me think this thing might be up for grabs a lot of the year. Unfortunately, "up for grabs" probably means that you have just enough time to steal a line or two before Fresno's Finest storm the place and commence with the beatdowns and tickets for trespassing, destruction of property, what have you... Yep. The walls are just okay, you got swamp water to deal with, the coping is definitely gonna kick your ass, but pool riders dig it. In my limited experience, I'd have to agree - it's addicting.

We'd like to feature more of this kind of burly transition stuff. We're very interested in the Vagabond Pool, in particular. We've seen more than a few clips of this place in action and we'd be right proud to host any submissions on that spot or whatevas. If you've got pool pics, kick 'em down!

Directions: Nope!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The London Pool was sporting
wheel marks in the deep and shallow
end... you can't see 'em in this shot,
but they're there.

^ There's another pool just
a few doors down the street.
It's bigger, but I'm not sure
if the walls are too steep.
Here's a good shot of the
Best pool for your
review. This town's got pools!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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