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editor's note:
Fullerton Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Full-on greatest hits!

I think I like this park more than I'm supposed to... guys look at me funny every time I start squawking about Fullerton. I can't help it, this park rocks!

Okay, here's my deal on this park... HITS! This place has a so many kicker-style hits and square corners it was hard to stay on the ground. Add to that good coping, decent speed lines and no bullshit rules and this is one of my favorite parks in the LA area.

This is a Purkiss Rose park [714.871.3638]. While Purkiss Rose has always built solid parks, their efforts in 2000 and 2001 have really stepped it up - we'll call these parks "generation 2" parks. Along w/ Fullerton, nearby parks worth your time include Brea, Bell Gardens, Bellflower, Paramount, and Whittier [reviews coming soon!]. All of these parks feature "plaza" style street features like ledges, stairs and rails. Most of them include hesh staples like bowls and hits of various sizes. Our thanks out to Purkiss for their hard work in the last couple of years. These parks are fun and they're only getting better.

Our only beef about this place was the cops... they were writing tickets for not wearing pads - which is unnecessary [all a city has to do is put up a sign stating that the park "requires" pads and you must "skate at your own risk"] - but it was their technique that was particularly despicable. They were actually hiding [I've seen this at other parks, too], lurking like rats around the corner, waiting for skaters to get a couple of un-padded lines in and then they'd pounce. I understand the whole liability thing, but this is petty bullshit. "Protect and Serve," my ass! Weak sauce po-po writing "good" kids tickets for skateboarding instead of finding some really "bad" shit to take care of. That's lazy law enforcement at best, focused on creating a criminal issue when there isn't one - STUPID! Might as well hide in the bushes by a school yard and write tickets to jay walking 9 year olds on sidestreets. Pisses me off. Anyway...

For some non-Purkiss parks in the area, take a look at the park in Westminster [a Wormhoudt park], the Vans park in Orange, and a GREAT new park by VPI in Torrance.

Directions: Fullerton is off the 91 freeway, in between Interstate 5 and Highway 57. Take the 91 freeway to the Euclid Street exit, and head north. Make a right onto Valencia Drive. The skatepark is on the left, just past the DMV.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Hesh hits and tales of
rails await at Fullerton

^ Brandon Wallace
kicks ass... kid
makes skateboarding
look as fun as it
really is. Dude's
got the talent...

^ SHITEO: Now we
have Camarillo loco
- Rob "MUTEGRAB" Penzel -
giving you a bit of
what he's famous for.
[Video: Todd Griffiths]

^ Here's old
"Skullz and Axez!"
Rob Penzel, again,
grinding out a 5-oh.

^ Not the biggest
drop in the park,
but here's a 6 stair,
rail for you.

^ This was a cooler-
than-most fun box. Standout
quality was mutli-layered
ledges and the inclusion of
kickers... this park's got

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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