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Downtown Skate Shop:

7529 Monterey St
Gilroy, CA


editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Stank mouth

Gilroy is - as the locals are probably sick of hearing - "the Garlic Capital of the World!" Eat enough garlic and someone is eventually going to chuck your stank mouth outdoors until you air out. If this happens to you, head over to the Gilroy skatepark for some cheap thrills while you get your breath under control.

We caught a quick 45-minute session here just as the rain started to fall. It was fun. Designed by the Wormhoudt crew [831.426.8424], Gilroy is a 10,000 sq ft neighborhood hangout. If I could, I'd like to give the *contractors* a little talking to about the coping - some of it's a little weird. I'd also give them the business about the two quarters that make up the half pipe setup, one of them is jacked right at the lip. Criticisms established, nothing about this park is worth crying about, it's a good time overall.

If you're in the area, you've got a ton of options: Beginning from the south, you've got Salinas. Heading north on the 1-oh-1, you can find refuge from the rain at the Vans Milpitas facility. Further north, you'll hit a *classic* Wormhoudt spot at Greer in Palo Alto. As you make your way up to EssEff, you might want to stop by Crocker so you can see an example of what local SF skaters *didn't* want in a skatepark...

Directions: From the 101 freeway in Gilroy, exit Leavesley Rd and head west. You'll cross Monterey Rd and make a right [north] on Church. Take Church to Mantelli and make a left [west] to Las Animas Park. Our notes say that the skating is at Mantelli and Wren, but if you can find the park, you'll find the skateables... go get some!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Gilroy, stank mouth
capital of the world *and*
home of a fine little skatepark

^ 10,000 sq ft in a circular,
round and round set up...

^ These ledges are
on the back of the
"half pipe" toward the
edge of the circle -
check out those rails...

^ Fun box

^ The fatty rainbow
rail was kinda fun...
and that other fun box
thing is a weird little
feature. It's got coping
in the craziest places.

^ Kinda like a mini
ramp, these quarters
have potential...

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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