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Grass Valley, CA


editor's note:
Grass Valley Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Your ass is grass

Brought to you by popular demand, we offer up a preliminary look at NorCAL's Grass Valley skatepark.

We've had a gang of brief submissions on this one. Beginning w/ a teaser from the designer himself, Zac Wormhoudt [831.426.8424], was stoked on this one from the beginning. Here's the word on the street:

"Grass Valley - gonna be nuts. Should open by late spring '01."

- Zac Wormhoudt: Feb '01

"I just realized you don't have Grass Valley, the coolest park I've seen so far."

- Matthew Brady: Oct '01

"Please check out the new park in Grass Valley, Calif. They say it is the best in California... it's a beauty! It took a lot a hard work and energy to get it going but it finally opened on July 11, 2001."

- Kate Robertson: Oct '01

NorCAL has a ton of good parks as you get closer to EssEff, but in this neck of the woods, you might also check out Cameron Park. It's on the way to Tahoe too, off the 50, instead of the 80. In Tahoe during the warmer months? Truckee was also built by Wormhoudt and that park kills it! There's also another [smaller] park in South Lake Tahoe. Heading west from Grass Valley, Wormhoudt has yet another park in Yuba that features some interesting terrain. Finally, back towards Sacto, check out Kevin and Jennifer's Grand Prix vert park.

Directions: From Sacramento take Interstate 80 north, toward Tahoe, to Highway 49 north. Take Highway 49 to Highway 20 west. Take the McCourtney Road/Nevada County Fairgrounds Exit. Then make a right onto McCourtney Road, followed by a right onto Brighton Street, and a left onto Minnie Street. Minnie Street leads to Condon Park, and the skatepark is on the hill on the left. For more info call the park direct at 530.274.7231.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ As you can see, Grass Valley looks promising.
[Submission: Jennifer w/ Emerald Forest Design]

^ This is one of the coolest
skatepark signage/art projects
we've ever seen - melon grab!

^ These shots were taken
in January on a return trip
from Tahoe... thus the dark,
rainy imagery.

^ Spine transfers are
encouraged - note the
tech ledges in the

^ Indi grab [Submission:
Jennifer w/ Emerald Forest

^ Yes! This is how
it's done. No monitors,
no waivers, just a sweet
skatepark. All a city
has to do is post a sign

like this and they don't
have to bother with the
rest of that crap. Good
job Grass Valley!!!

^ Wormhoudt - the park
designer - creates
sweet fun boxes...
trust us, you'll likey!

^ The skatepark is
bangin', but they got
no love for boards

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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