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Monument Skate Shop:

1686 Ramona Ave. Unit B
Grover Beach, CA


editor's note:
Grover Beach

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Beach-style bone breaking

Grover Beach - just a few miles south of San Luis Obispo - is one of the 805's finest skateparks. A real standout, the park has serious flow, hessian-style walls and hits pushing locals and visitors to look to the sky for death or glory.

The park offers a variety of different terrain. There are ledges/benches and a stair/handrail combination for the tech dogs. But the standout feature of this park is the spine between the u-shaped bowl and the halfpipe channel. That's where it's at. We saw guys air over the spine, rocket out to either side, tailtap transfer from one side to another... sweet! This is the only park like this in the 805 - w/ the exception of Simi's Skatelab. One word of *caution* before you go: Bring pads. They definitely ticket for riding padless - we saw it happen.

Directions: Get on the 101 and head toward Pismo/Grover Beach. Exit Grand Ave and head west toward the beach. At Oak Park hang a right [north] and then an immediate left on Ramona Ave. The park will be on your left [south side of the street]. It's right behind the Burger King on the corner of Grand and Oak Park. Rip it up...

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Grover Beach isn't the
biggest park in the
805 - but it still kicks

^ Aaron Jensen
working the spine

^ Lincoln...
serious skills
on this guy

^ Aaron w/ the
early grab gap
transfer over the

^ This guy was
sticking hardflips
[frontside flips???]
on this steep fun

^ One-foot crail

^ Air to sunset

^ Shallow end of
the park

^ One of many
curb/ledges on
the outskirts of
the park

^ Jesse Shelby
bangin' out a
frontside air
to trannie

^ Pretty standard: Bring
pads - no bikes - they ticket!

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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