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North Coast Boardshop:

429 Healdsburg Ave.
Healdsburg, CA


editor's note:

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Cali 'Crete Classic

Just take a long hard look at these pictures... Healdsburg skatepark rocks! In fact, we're going to use this opportunity to pay tribute to Wormhoudt Landscape Architecture [831.426.8424], designers of this and many more "flow jobs" all over Cali and beyond.

We scored a quick email interview w/ principal Zachary Wormhoudt recently. This guy is great. If you're a Cali park rider, this dude has more hook-ups than Santa Claus.

To briefly touch on some of his firm's highlights, check this out: You've got the "sister" parks like Camarillo and Salinas. Healdsburg's volcano might remind you a bit of nearby favorite Petaluma. On the hard-core trannie tip you've got Palo Alto's Greer and one of our personal favorites, the eternally intoxicating Santa Rosa [home of Tony Trujillo and millions of golden sessions]. Did we mention Truckee, Yuba, Chico, Arcata and little Hobart Park in Ventura??? Can we get an "Amen" over here?!?

Healdsburg's 20,000 sq feet are fully utilized and packed w/ nice trannie and technicalities for all. We rode the park and loved it. A million kind lines to find - we can't wait to get back. When we asked Zac what he thought of the park he had this to say:

"I personally like Healdsburg because you can pump and flow through the whole thing if it is empty, or you can session one area if it is crowded. It's a fun park, but as I said before, all parks could be better, and there is plenty I would do differently given the opportunity to do it again."

See, this dude is hellza humble too. He's on that "continuous improvement" mantra the Japanese made popular. We think he should be stoked on this one...

From all of us at SPL, big props out to Wormhoudt. Thanks for giving us something to do [skateparks, skateparks, baby!], great places to ride, and great parks to look forward to!

Directions: Coming from San Francisco take Highway 101 north past Santa Rosa. Exit at Dry Creek Road in Healdsburg, and make a right [east], then make another right [south] on Grove Street. The park is three blocks down on the left.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ If you got in the car
and started driving now, you
could be in Healdsburg
pretty quick...

^ Boosty frontside
air from Scott

^ Lance Moran
scouping sky
on this tuck-knee

^ Scott stole my
only trick!
Melongrab transfer
over the spine...

^ U-shaped mini to spine
on the left. Clover style
bigger bowls to the right. Coping
is totally solid so bring on the

^ SHITEO: Johnny
Rad takes a seat on
this chair ollie.
We've got more footage
of this guy in our video,

^ Unknown rip-miester
pulling an earlygrab
off the spine...

^ SHITEO: Another
ani-clip of Healdsburg -
Lance Moran with a big
ole' air to tail. More
of this guy too in our

^ Tony Canevari
beatin' down the 360

^ Pads - pads - pads!

^ Swiss Army funbox

^ "This is my friend Dan doing a
k-grind down the Healdsburg ledge
- courtesy of NAR. [Photo: Will Avina]

^ Another hard day's
work - kid needs a

^ Street scenes,
low rail and
volcanic flow

^ That corner hit
by the kid in the red
is a perfect bs air
for goofy feet

^ Ed Loupy's artistic

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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