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904 Aviation Blvd
Hermosa Beach, CA


editor's note:
Hermosa Beach

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Tight and narrow

The fine Hermosa Beach skatepark opened for beatings in June 1999. Built on an old tennis court less than a mile from the beach, the park includes 8,000 sq ft of lines designed by the Lawrence Moss crew [818.248.5200].

The park is too small, and it's not that fun to ride. It *is* flowable, w/ walls on both ends and fun boxes in the middle. Major drawbacks also include 1.) The crowds and 2.) The locked gate.

Let's talk about that gate thing for a second. Why put gates around parks at all??? To keep bikes out? To help enforce the pad laws? The only thing that helps those problems is more policing and monitoring. Unfortunately, when you implement a monitor the park ends up being closed for about half the rideable hours and totally crowded when it is open. A great park, all locked up - bureaucratic FUBAR!

Paranoid city legaliods think they can establish "control" by limiting skaters' access w/ fences and regulation. That bullshit just drives us right back into the streets, schools, malls, etc. If you have to ticket, fine. But a locked park is a wasted resource for everyone [even the law abiders]. If you've got the budget for gates and monitors, put those bountiful resources of yours into better parks and go find something else to do. Having seen hundreds of parks across the country that work just fine unregulated, we can say w/ authority you're wasting your time reinventing the wheel. But hey, at least no one can steal your park, right guys!!!

If you're sick of waiting for the monitor to show up you could always save your pennies [$14] and head south to Vans in Orange. One last option, Long Beach has a public 'crete park. Weird thing about Long Beach is they don't have a gate at all. Hum? How come they don't need a monitor to keep us dirtbag skaters from stealing that park???

Directions: From the 405 freeway head toward Inglewood [the city *and* the off ramp]. Exit Inglewood [the actual street this time] and head west. Make a right on Artesia [opposite KFC] and head toward the beach. When you hit Pacific Coast Highway, make a left [south], then a right on 14th toward the water. The skatepark is at the intersection of 14th and Pier Avenue behind a fence w/ a lock. You know, like a prison...

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^ Despite the crowds, some
solid skating gets thrown
down at Hermosa...

^ Typical weekend

^ Jiffy Pop!

^ B-slide grommit

^ "Quit smiling!"

^ Curved and coped

^ Kiddie sized
shark tank

^ Pads, pads, pads...
For some reason
inliners have to
wear more pads than
skaters. *Genius*!
You guys are *so*
smart and helpful

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