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Huntington Surf and Sport:

126 Main St # 101
Huntington Beach, CA


editor's note:
Huntington Skatepark #1

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Relish the relic

The year was 1994. Green Day's "Dookie" album was number 4 on the Billboard charts, but as September rolled around, more important news was rocking Huntington Beach and the skatepark community at large. Growing like a wart off the side of Huntington Beach high school, a new skatepark was born!

If you're a seasoned skatepark dude, you might know that '94 was too late to be a part of the 1st skatepark boom [those parks were dead and buried by then], and too early to be a part of the current skatepark boom [1998 and beyond]. For a public outdoor park, Huntington Beach goes in the record books - along w/ very few other parks - for dealing w/ all the legal liabilities before the now infamous California Health and Safety Code 115800 was published [that code made it easier for public parks to operate without being sued for injuries].

The skatepark is a popular skatespot for HB locals and random vandals alike. In fact, Mr Ed Templeton personally put a bit of wear and tear on the concrete in that park.

'Cap' Sheue has another interesting characteristic that sets it apart from other parks: not a single inch of coping in the whole park AND not a single true quarter pipe either! They've got transition, but for the most part, this park is strictly tech-tech, straight-up 1994 styles! A couple of random rails are available, as well as a low/flat pyramid and some Pier 7 style ledges.

Last time we were there the park was a ghost town. It was Friday afternoon around 6 o'clock and not a single lurker could be found. A local skater that passed by told us to check out Westminster - and that we did - and it was packed! Additional parks in the area include Huntington #2 [at Murdy Park], Long Beach, Laguna Hills, Seal Beach, Vans in Orange, a great new park in Torrance, and finally, both the public and pay parks in Irvine.

Directions: From the 405, head to Huntington Beach and the Beach Boulevard exit. Head south on Beach Boulevard, and make a right onto Main Street. Take Main St. to the Yorktown Avenue intersection. Huntington Beach High School is located at this intersection. The skatepark is adjacent to HB High School, in 'Cap' Sheue Field.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ A lot of people refer to
the park in Huntington Beach
as the "one by the high school."

^ Wanna-be panoramic

^ Helza kink-worthy

^ Here are those Pier 7

^ "Off with his head!"

^ Kink rail in action

^ Super-flat pyramid

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