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editor's note:
Gravity Games Skatepark

* Outdoor: Asphalt / Wood
* Pay: $11-14 per two hour sesh
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: 5-oh off the 405

Hummm, I didn't know what to think about this place when I first heard about it. "Gravity Games skatepark, huh?" I've since been there and checked it out and it's not bad at all.

You're looking at an outdoor pay park w/ reasonable terrain set up in a competition-style format. You've got large wooden obstacles, spaced out to form more than a few good lines. Nothing at the park is too huge [6 ft and below?], but I'm sure even the gnarlier skatepark veterans will find something to play on, including the fatty miniramp, complete with flyin/flyout ramps and extensions.

We were there for the Gravity Games / Airwalk challenge on Jul28 '01. We showed up a bit too early and after a couple hours of groms flailing around we had to move on. Thanks to Airwalk and GG for setting it all up - it was a cool little event and a good chance to check out the park.

If you're looking for more options, additional nearby parks include the PUBLIC/FREE park in Irvine and a good bowl in Westminster. Of course there's Huntington #1 and #2. You've also got the Vans park in Orange, free rides in Long Beach, and a pretty terrible park in Hermosa. Heading south check out San Clemente and the fine lines at the Ollie House in Temecula.

Directions: Coming from Los Angeles, take Interstate 405 south toward Orange County. Take the Jamboree Road Exit, and turn right off the ramp onto Jamboree. Then take a left onto Michelson Drive. The skatepark is on the northeast corner of the Michelson Dr. and Riparian Vw. intersection. The address is 3405 Michelson Drive. For more info call the park at 949.559.8336.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ The standout feature at
Gravity Games skatepark:
Big ole' miniramp... gentle
trannie, extensions - looks
like fun.

^ Benihana flyout by unknown
rider at Airwalk Amateur

^ Kinked rail options

^ Yes! A good
corner hit makes
for a rare and
tasty feature

^ Smaller of two
fun boxes...

^ Unknown grom pushing a 5050
across the big fun box

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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