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editor's note:
Knapp Ditch

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie
* Rating: Knappy!

"I just went by the Knapp Ditch - I grew up skating there."

"It's smaller than I remember it (maybe because I'm about 100lbs larger now), but there were kids skating it still. There are two sections: one upper (never really liked it) and the lower section."

- Seal: Feb'02

I rode this spot myself, not too long ago. In a nutshell - best f**kin' ditch I've ever skated! You still get that "chuck-chunk" sensation when you hit the walls, but there is a little bit of transition and the ride is smoother than you might think, and much faster. You'll eat your lunch if you're not careful... I did.

Two sheets of beat-down plywood form a roll-in, 4 after-market parking blocks for added mayhem, and a gentle downhill rythum are about all you'll find. The rest is sweaty, fearless, do-it-yourself gnar until you pass out or go home. If you had the skills and the timing, you could pump a couple of walls and blast a big frontside air back to trannie... sweet spot.

Thanks, Seal!

Directions: First, get your sun dial aligned with Uranus' radius. Next, measure out 14 ball bearings, a clutch of beaver fur, and some high-grade baby oil. Shake well. Finally, cook under a medium heat for 6 hours or until you can smell your own stank... in other words, good luck finding this spot - we ain't sayin' shit!

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Looking up - you
can easily hit
8 walls without pushing
even once.

^ Knapp Ditch will
show you the REAL
glory of skateboarding...

^ Top down look...don't
worry about the section
with rocks. The bottom
is fast enough!

^ This block is opposite the
plywood runway. Old school
like YOUR momma!

^ SKATEparkLIST super-
villain, killTodd works
a fs lipper...

^ New meaning to
the age old "snake

^ If you like your
tricks brief and
potentially painful,
you'll love this
little feature.

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