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editor's note:
Laguna Hills

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Flow-able freedom!

I first heard of the skatepark at Laguna Hills years ago. The park features some odd moments in its construction [random buried coping], but the majority of the feedback we get is pretty good...

"I've been hitting Laguna Hills for a few weeks now. I've ridden Mission Viejo, San Clemente, and Irvine and this is my personal favorite."

"Anyway, there are many kind lines here - serious air over the hips and grinds around the corners. The coping is a bit small, but no real probs locking in. The bowl is sweeeet!"

"I'm 36 and have been riding a loooong time so I prefer less 'techy' and more 'flowy'...heh heh. By the way, I threw in an old pic of me from back in the day at "the Doc's." If you've ever heard of the Chrome Domes, we ruled OC during the late 80's - Mike Barnes, Kris Cass, Omar Hassan, Remy Stratton - just so you know, old school is still alive!"

Garry Shuck - Feb '02

Garry already mentioned a lot of the other parks in the area - see links above - but there are at least a few others worth knowing about. In addition to the public park, Irvine also has the Gravity Games skatepark. A super kick ass park awaits at the Ollie House in Temecula. You're also not too far from the parks in Huntington Beach - there's one by the high school and the ash tray in Murdy Park. Finally, there's good old Vans in Orange, and a fun little bowl in Westminster.

Directions Lauguna Hills is about eight miles south of Irvine. Coming from Irvine, take Interstate 5 south to the Alicia Parkway exit and head south. Make a right onto Paseo De Valencia, and the skatepark is on the left. The skatepark is next to Laguna Hills High School.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ There she is - the
flow park at Laguna Hills.

^ From-the-coping
viewpoint of this
Benihana by Andrew Awad

^ Round hip out
of the open bowl

^ Bravo! One clearly
posted sign and you
don't have to bother
with fences and waivers.
Good job Laguna Hills!

^ See the "lines" running
across the top of that
ridge? That's buried coping,
with concrete on both sides
of it. Weird.

^ "I tend to go fairly early on
weekend mornings [9-noon], and
it's populated but not overly crowded."
[Photo/Comments: Garry Shuck]

^ "I've yet to see anyone really ripping,
but I'm certain the heavy hitters come
out later in the day." [Photo/Comments:
Garry Shuck]

^ Canadian flyout courtesy
of Mr Andrew Awad

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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