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editor's note:
La Habra Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie
* Rating: Stanky

This skatepark stinks! Don't get me wrong, La Habra is a good ride, but it's next to a farm or something, so it's horse shit central the whole time you're there!

La Habra's park comes to you outta the Larry Moss camp [818.248.5200], and is probably one the better parks they've put out over the years. One beef with the design - besides the standard 4 ft or lower bullshit - what's with that bowl?

This is 2002 and that bowl is straight up 1903, horse and buggy, low-tech, sackless applesauce. I like the fact that the walls straighten out between the corners [square-ish bowls are usually better to pump than round ones], but where are the extensions? What about a hip? Transfer lines? Escalator sections??? This is a missed opportunity to do something worth our time... see Westminster, Bellflower, or Whittier for some bowls with some balls.

Other parks on the east-side of Los Angeles include Brea, Fullerton, and ballz-ier than average Diamond Bar. Heading west? Check out Bell Gardens and a cool pay park in Torrance.

Directions: Southeast of downtown LA, La Habra is about ten miles north of Fullerton. Take the 57 freeway to the Imperial Highway exit and head west about 3 miles. Make a right [north] onto Idaho Street. Drive past La Habra Blvd, and the skatepark is on the left. It is across the street from La Habra High School. If you hit Whittier Blvd, you have gone too far.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ 12,000 sq ft, downhill slope,
and hot poop stank await you in
La Habra skatepark...

^ Davd Hernandez stuffs
old rags up his nose so
he can concentrate
on these k-grinds, and
not the glue factory next

^ Joe Garcia styles
out a tailslider despite
the steamy stench wafting
over the fence...

^ Busted! This bowl is
about as progressive as a
sledge hammer. C'mon! You
got a CAD program, loosen up
that neck tie and let the cat
outta the bag, already.

^ Coping on the bowl
looks good. And, yes,
plenty of little rails...

^ This spine has
some originality...
I've never seen a
feature quite like this.

^ Nice round hit!

^ Bryan Flores found some fresh air
on this high-altitude indi at the
back of the park...

^ That roller / fun box,
is cool too... I like that.
Different, flow-preserving,
good feature.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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