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editor's note:
Real Ride

* Indoor/Outdoor: Wood / Asphalt
* Pay: $10 max for a 3 hr sesh
* Vert / Trannie / Street / Dirt
* Rating: Gear-heads unite

So there's this law in California about "bikes in public skateparks." If you're a biker and you like riding parks, you already know that all the new public parks that are popping up everywhere have rules to keep bikers out [it's related to insurance and liability]. If you're sick of that noise, you'll love Real Ride, cause while everyone is welcome [from sticks to boots to scoots], this park is super bike friendly.

When we stopped by we had a chance to talk w/ Mark Laue - co-owner and man about town at the park. If you know your parks, you might know that this park is related to the old Utah park, as well as the now defunct Real Ride, Las Vegas. Mark has had his hand in all of those ventures.

These days he's working on the Lake Perris facility, trying to keep the scene at Real Ride charged w/ a kick ass, "rider friendly" atmosphere. To keep thing hoppin' they've got 100,000 sq ft of terrain to conquer. Features include everything under the sun - big vert, three minis, a foam pit, dirt jumps, kickers, and this list goes on. The park does cater to bikes [and bladers to some degree] with some of the ramps favoring those riders based on the condition of the riding surface and the coping. It *is* ready for boards, but bikes/blades probably have more options.

Directions: Coming from Los Angeles, take Interstate 10 east out toward Riverside to Highway 215 South. From the 215, take the Ramona Expressway exit and head east. Make a left [north] onto Lake Perris Drive. On the right there is a large fairground. The skatepark is in the fairground just west of the raceway. For more info, call the park direct at 909.943.5744.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Those black tire marks
can only mean one thing -
grease up that chain and
charge it, Real Ride is
bike friendly...

^ This is probably the "nicest"
and most skateboardable area
of the park... and for reference,
you're looking at about 20% of the

^ The 5 ft mini
- pictured here -
is a choice feature

^ Lots of unique
features including
rollers, spines, etc.

^ Corner hit

^ Slightly rougher surface, but
endless lines on this pack
of ramps...

^ Yes-yes on verticals

^ One of just a
couple foam pits
in California. That's
the runway in the

^ Detail shot of
some of the outdoor

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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