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editor's note:
La Mesa YMCA Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Wood
* Pay: $8
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: 3 strikes and you're WACK!

San Diego has a good reputation in the skatepark world [other than the waiver problem and a few shit-spots]. Part of that rep was built by the fine YMCA parks in the area... these days, however, a new YMCA park in La Mesa has moved in and started stinking up the scene.

When we were there, the red-tape retards came running out, wetting their pants about my nasty "cam-ar-a!" Ohhh, nooooo! Stop him, quick! He's taking unauthorized pics of our dinky little park!!! We blew them off - told them to chill. "I'll take the pics from outside the park. If you don't like that, call the cops."

>>>Strike 1!

"I would like to submit a review calling for a boycott of the new park in La Mesa. Basically, the city built a crappy 10,000 sq ft park with public funds then turned it over to the YMCA to be run as a premium pay facility - which it is not. I feel this to be a horrible epidemic in skateboard parks, and unfortunately, it's becoming prevalent in San Diego. It wouldn't be THAT bad of a situation, if it ACTUALLY WAS a quality facility, but come on, just look at this place!"

- Sean: May '02

>>>Strike 2!!

"La Mesa YMCA is considering putting coiled barbed wire on top of their fence to put a stop to late night break-ins... In addition, skaters are not allowed to sit and watch the skating, or allowed to hangout anywhere else on YMCA property. Last Tuesday, I was the only skater in the park. The city and YMCA are questioning why no one uses the park? This place is run by a soccer mom w/ a skater boy friend who is not doing the skaters any justice. The other soccer mom employee discourages any "hard core" skating and wonders why adults should be allowed in the 'children's playground.'"

- Mayo: May '02

>>>Strike 3!!! And you're outta there... this place sucks!

While La Mesa gives the YMCAs a bad name, there are others in SD worth checking out. Mission Valley is dead, but we hear there's a new YMCA in Clairemont ["The new Mission Valley"], we'll have pics coming soon. The classic Encinitias YMCA, however, is alive and well. Aaron Churder runs a smaller, neighborhood YMCA - South Bay - not too gnarly, but it definitely has a better vibe than La Mesa!

Directions: From the 15 fwy in San Diego, take the highway 8 east to the 125 north. From the 125, exit Fletcher Pkwy in La Mesa. Make a left [north] on Fletcher Pkwy, followed by another left [west] on Dallas St. At that point you'll be in La Mesita park. Head all the way to the back of the park to the East County YMCA. For more info, call the Y direct at 619.464.1323.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Vinyl banners and cheesy flyers
don't make up for the pervading
wackness of La Mesa YMCA

^ Notice the hybrid concrete
and wood construction... for
another example, check out
Thornton CO.

^ Ledge, rail, ledge
triplet in concrete

^ Backwall flow

^ Focus on the ledges
on the left on this one.
Slam City Jam has busted this
feature, as well as
Santa Barbara's park.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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