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editor's note:
Laguna Niguel Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Pay: $10 per day [weak!]
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: "Best one in OC"

PB: "Any chance that you guys are planning to review the new Laguna Niguel skatepark? It's the best one in OC."

SPL: "Can you send us some pics?"

PB: "Ask and you shall receive..."

"Here are a number of pictures of the newly opened Laguna Niguel skatepark. Currently, the price to ride is $30 for an annual pass or like $10 for the day. It's well worth it because that small amount of money keeps out the rif raf and those that are anti-entrance fee types. Better for those of us that know the truth - this is the best park in Orange County! Not to mention it's close enough to the beach that it stays relatively cooler than the rest of SoCal. Local sightings include Lance Mountain and Omar Hassan."

- Pete Brown: Aug '03

Directions: Coming from LA, head south on Hwy 5 towards Orange County. Exit Alicia Pkwy - West, and continue for a couple of miles, past Pacific Park Drive. The skatepark will be on your right [north]. And just for clarification, this is NOT the same park as Laguna Hills - which is nearby, and not nearly as good.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Laguna Niguel skatepark
has some big country trannie
[Photo: Pete Brown]

^ Mello 9-stair with
rail and Hubba Ledge
[Photo: Pete Brown]

^ Standard knee-high tech
[Photo: Pete Brown]

^ Ahhh, see that little pyramid?
You might recognize that from
other parks like Coronado and
Fontana... that's that company
"California Skateparks"
[909.949.1601] in action.
Those guys build great bowls...
[Photo: Pete Brown]

^ SoCAL locs like their rails
[Photo: Pete Brown]

^ That line's looking pretty
good... [Photo: Pete Brown]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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