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editor's note:
Lompoc Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Lom-pokemon!

Lompoc - little town, little park. If you've ever driven between Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo on your way up the 101 freeway, you've probably gone right past this little skate crannie. It's actually a short 20 mile stint off the 101... but you might want to check it out sometime if you're passing though, or just feel adventurous.

Besides Vandenburg Air Force Base, the town's big attraction [as far as we can tell] is the semi-famous, thick-waved, surf spot Jalama. While the base serves to launch missiles and other assorted astro-stuff into space, the skatepark does a decent job of hucking skaters into low orbit as well. Maybe on your next trip home from Jalama [some blown out day or another] you'll breeze by the skatepark, work up an appetite, and score some authentico Mexican comida on your way outta town.

If you're serious about skating in this neck of the woods, you should definitely stop in on Lompoc's own indoor park - Skate N Jam. You also might want to check out Santa Maria's YMCA, or better yet, Grover Beach. Other "local" parks include Santa Barbara's Skater's Point and further north, San Luis Obispo. Ahhhh, the 805... so many places to break yourself - we love it.

Directions: Lompoc is almost an hour north of Santa Barbara traveling on the 101. Coming from SB on the 101, kick back for about 40 minutes, pass the Gaviota exit, and look for the Lompoc / Highway 1 exit [we think it says "Vandenburg" as well]. Proceed on the 1 about 15 minutes till you hit Ocean Avenue and make a left, then take Ocean to H Street, and make a right. From H Street head to College Avenue and make a left. The skatepark is in grassy park just down from College on the right side of the street.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Dodging butt-boarders and
little kids on Fisher Price
'blades, Guy Kennedy welcomes
you to Lompoc!

^ Guy poppin' over
the fun box

^ Tech dogs are
sure to enjoy the
lovely variety of
rails, ledges, etc.

^ Khris Sparks w/
the "how to" on
the ollie - bang!

^ Smooth 5-oh on the
wall at the back of
the park

^ Guy w/ a tail-
tap to fish eye

^ Wide view of
the back wall

^ Jonathan Hall
w/ the air-to-fakie,
riding for Phade-Tec

^ Coping seems built
just to hang you up,
but there is a mini

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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