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Malibu, CA


editor's note:
Malibu - "Papa Jacks"

* Outdoor: Wood / Asphalt
* Pay [Ha!]
* Vert / Trannie / Street
* Rating: Papa Jacks Concentration Camp

Normally when I run into a park like Malibu, I pretty much freak out. My main gripe is the waiver situation - it's straight up stupid! Let's run thru the scene again, for those of you that haven't heard our anti-waiver manifesto propaganda.

Parks like these start with a bunch of rules. To enforce them they put up a fence ["prison?"]. Then they need a monitor to lock and unlock the fence. But that costs money, so they 1.) Have limited hours [brilliant - keep the skaters out!], and 2.) Charge to ride the park [ha!!!]. The fearless monitor can now enforce a waiver policy for riders under 18 [do you really think 17 yr old "punk skateboarders" are gonna bring their mommies to the park?]. And for one final insult, you have to drive to a different park to get the waiver. Then have your mommy sign it. Then pay!!! Only a public agency could come up w/ such a f**ked up policy. Only Malibu [and Oceanside, and Temecula, and Escondido... there are more than a few dumbass parks out there] would go outta their way to make skateboarding so difficult in the name of "doing something for the kids." Yeah, whatever.

To make matters worse, the park is not great. The bowl is a bit gnarly [quick transitions on 6 ft walls], yet kinda boring, and the coping is buried. The quarter pipe [and they only have one = no flow] has exactly the same transitions as the bowl [= no variety]. In addition to the fun box [pics below], they have a couple of little rails... Unless you're a local and you can't get to Camarillo, Newbury Park or SkateStreet, etc., this park isn't really worth your time...

I did get an email recently from Theresa Odello, Recreation Supervisor for Malibu. She was actually quite nice, and I'm sure she and her team mean the best. I did warn her I was gonna roast this park in this review, but I promised I'd print the following good news:

"We are in the process of expanding our park by getting some new equipment and ramps in."

- Theresa Odello: Aug '01

It's not too late to fix this park. My advice to Malibu and Theresa - and all public parks for that matter - is to 1.) Build the park, 2.) Put up big signs that say "Skate at your own risk," and 3.) Walk away. If you give kids a place to skate w/ no hassles, they'll use it and you will have helped them out. If you bury teenagers in red tape, you'll either turn them into criminals [by default] or they'll go find some place else to skate. Hassle-free parks exist all over California - no excuses! You're not doing anyone any favors w/ a set up like this one.

Directions: From Los Angeles take Highway 1 [PCH] north into Malibu. Turn right on Cross Creek Road, which is about 1/4 mile north of the Malibu pier. Follow Cross Creek Road a little way and the skatepark is on the right in a dirt lot, behind some barbed wire.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ "Here at Malibu,
if you don't follow
our rules, we *will*
violate you!!!"
Looks soooo friendly.
I know I'd want to
skate there...

^ There you have
it... "big whoop,"

^ Here's the main
attraction - the big
fun box.

^ Ready to laugh?
For $75 / hr you
can score some
"extreme training"
in this thing...
I don't think it
works at this point.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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