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editor's note:
Martinez Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Oil Bowls

The Martinez skatepark is well built and has that killer Wormhoudt [designer: 831.426.8424] NorCAL coping. The 7 ft walls are fierce, but the layout is lacking for a 2002 park.

We were skating at Novato one day. That park is sweet, but some dude was like "I like the walls at Martinez a lot better." We'd never been to that park so we set out to check it out... that guy liked it 'cause he likes big walls and 'cause he can tear it up! It's true that every thing Martinez HAS is pretty good, but what it doesn't have is any variation in wall size [everything is the same height - about 7 ft], the bowl's not very creative, and the layout of the non-bowl area could be a lot better.

If you're a big wall ripper, and it's not too crowded, give this place a run - everything rides sweet and with the quickness. But if you're looking to mix it up on some more creative lines, or if you're a little timid in the deep end, check out Berkeley, Novato [mentioned above], or the big creative stuff in Redwood City and the NorCAL favorite Sunnyvale.

Directions: You'll probably want to take the 680 North across highway 4 to get to Martinez. From the 680, exit Marina Vista / Waterfront. You'll be in a modern hell of train tracks, black earth, and oil works as you head west. The street name becomes Front Street before it splits into two one-way streets leading in and outta town. Heading west, you'll stay on Marina Vista, you'll cross Court, and then you'll hit Ferry and go right [north]. You'll cross the RR tracks, you'll jog right [east] and then make a quick left [north] on N. Court. At his point, you'll be on the edge of the Bay. There's a neighborhood park to your right [east], track down the skatepark from there.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ This series came out BEAUTIFUL!
- a playa's welcome to Martinez

^ So when it came time to skate this bowl, I
had to be the "bad guy" and scare all the little
brats and kids with tricycles out of the bowl -
they were dorking around in the flat-bottom of one
of the gnarliest bowls in the state! Right? So after
a few rides, some hero dad comes over to give me some
grief about chasing his 8 yr old daughter out of bowl.
"This place isn't for beginners," I said. "She can
barely skate, why don't you show her where the sidewalk
is." He wanted to fight and his face was turning red.
"Okay," I said, "Next time I won't say a word and I'll
just drop in and turn her into red girl-pulp on the
concrete. Would that make you happy, Dad?" Yeah,
I'm an asshole, whatever. But if the PTA moms aren't
gonna teach little Johnny about "park etiquette," the
grumpy, old, crusty guys will. Despite the common
misconception, skateparks aren't for "children,"
they're for SKATERS! Get in where you fit in, or get
outta the way! So now you've been warned... heh heh.

^ This is about it for street stuff

^ The flyout potential at this park
is set to "11." This area, however, is
crash-up central. That round hit is in
a weird spot, too... ahhh.

^ No pad nannies, no waivers, just
a big sign that says, "Yeah, you're
gonna get hurt. No Doubt." That's the
way it should be. I like that part of
this park. But just to make sure they
botched this job a little, they "landscaped"
the park with gravel. Nice! Prepare to

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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