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115 W. Foothill Blvd.
Monrovia, CA


editor's note:
Monrovia Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: 2002 standout!

While CA has more parks than any other state in the US, our parks aren't always all that good. In fact, coming back from a tour of the brilliant insanity in Colorado, I was barely interested as I rolled up on a brand new skatepark in Monrovia. It's no CO, hessian dream park, but it was WAY better than average - by CA standards - and a step in the right direction for 2002 skatepark progression.

"I live in Monrovia CA and have been working with the city for a couple years now to encourage a city park in our town. I worked with Purkiss Rose [714.871.3638] on the concept of a 'rhythm bowl,' which is now here at this park."

"After riding the washboard bowl at Milpitas Vans [which I also designed, based on video of the original Winchester bowl], I came up with this 'rhythm bowl' concept. I decided that I wanted the structure to be double sided - to keep the speed going - not just unidirectional, as the original was. This Monrovia set-up is a 'mini rhythm bowl,' cuz the deep end is only 5 ft deep, w/ a 3 ft shallow end. I intend to get one with vert built at one of the future Vans parks."

- Ben Schroeder: Jun '02
  ph: 626.358.1460

It just so happens that Ben was there the night I dropped in, and I got to skate with him. His brother Alec was there, too. Those guys are a rich source of skate history, they've been in this game since forever. They even have their own tricks, stuff they invented... it was a killer session.

Unfortunately, not all the locals think this place is so great. Here's a little constructive critcism from someone who's been there:

"The park could have been great, but I think they took Ben's plans, put them on a photocopier, and reduced them by 50%. The washboard is way too tight, the walls are way too small [especially in the "shallow" end], none of the walls in the "deep" end line up, and that tombstone is pretty useless. I could go on, but I am pressed for time."

- Adam Wallingford: Aug'02

We're a little more into this spot than Adam is. Although it may be less than perfect, Monrovia is a "winner" because it covers the basics [hesh + street], and pushes the status quo with creative and original features. That's a standard all new parks ought to be measured by. You should check it out.

Directions: Take the 210 fwy to Monrovia [just east of Pasadena]. Exit Mountain and head north. Cross over Huntington and Royal Oaks. Soon after, make left [west] on Olive. The skatepark will be on your right.

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ Arcadia ripper, Steve
Salisian, sportin' a
Pro Designed t-shirt
- makers of expensive,
but very high-quality
pads - Wild Bill would
be proud as hell!!

^ The prison fence
and the welcome sign
at the new
Monrovia skatepark.
Oh yeah, pad-nannies in
full effect... I bet you're
looking at limited hours,
too. That part of this park
is a stupid waste of time.

^ Check that street
gap! Not-so-stupid...

^ Ledges and stairs galore.
I bet the manual pad will be

^ A rail/stair set, and some
quarter pipe flow heading back
toward the bowl...

^ Schroeder's "rhythm bowl" is sweet
like lemonade. Not 1, but 2 million
lines. That's a clam shell, just after
the deep end on the right. The pump-bumps
are in the middle. The far end is the
three foot section. Transfer lines run
over the spine into the street course.
Super-gnar awaits your transfer from the
clam shell into the deep end... beauty!
Perfect coping and kick ass pour courtesy
of Wally Hollyday [909.949.1601].

^ This spine pulls triple duty
at this park. It contains
the bowl to the right, provides
a little flow for the street
course to the left, and makes for a
burly transfer between the two!
Check the ZZ Top dude, recovering in
the background... hell ya!

^ Here's the original park layout.
[Submission: Mark Sizemore]

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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