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editor's note:
Monster Pool

* Outdoor: 'Crete
* Free
* Vert / Trannie
* Rating: Skate the Monster!

The Monster Pool is a beauty!

Great transitions, multiple lines and an odd "grippy" surface are just the beginning. The coping IS grindable, the love seat can take any beating you've got for it, best of all - it's pretty much bust free! Heads up on the BMXers...

Special thanks to the crew on that afternoon session - my man Mayo, Ken Cooper, Kevin "Slaughter Fingers" Slaughter, and internationally known, Old Man Andy... wish I was there now.

On a related note, we're pretty sure we spotted Andy in this killer skatepark movie - The Ocean Bowl Story that came out in 1999. I haven't confirmed any of this with Andy, and we're only talking about a couple of scenes, but that dude is IN THAT MOVIE!

Directions: San Diego is in California, which is in the United States - somewhere between Canada and Mexico. That ought'a do it...

...scroll down for pics

[ click pix to enlarge ]

^ This little "series" shot
of the Monster Pool turned
out nice... we're stoked to do this
bad boy justice.

^ Shallow-end tricks
are freaky... Andy
is okay w/ that.

^ Ahhhh... a pool
crew in their
element is a
wonderful thing!

^ The last name
Slaughter was
given to him at
birth... The
"Slaughter Fingers"
part, he EARNED
that shit!!!

^ The stairs are unmakeable,
but are a perfect place to
kick it and work up your
sense of adventure in between
runs and beatings.

^ SHITEO: Mayo
Mendoza hits tile
on this "over the
light" run.
[Video: Ken Cooper]

^ SHITEO: Coolest
"shiteo" clip yet -
witness the
Slaughter. Note
the square tail
and Vans. That's
OG, baby.
[Video: Ken Cooper]

^ SHITEO: Andy
defies physics and
doctor's orders by
continually proving
that 8 inches of
trannie is more than
enough for a trick or
[Video: Ken Cooper]

^ The tile in this pool drums out
an intensely satisfying beat as you
peel around the lip...

^ Andy's board was
a work of art on its
own... you should have
seen his trucks.

[ click pix to enlarge ]

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