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editor's note:
Mill Valley Skatepark

* Outdoor: Metal / Asphalt
* Free
* Trannie / Street
* Rating: Don't waste your time

Dude, the Mill Valley skatepark is so weak it's embarrassing. The fact that they "assembled" that G-rated hunk of crap in 2003 is f*cking pathetic. One of the worst parks I've ever seen.

They should fire the fool that wasted their cash - actually, they should kick his ass, the dumb bastard. Not only does asphalt totally suck, but prefab metal, strap on ramps do too. Especially when the quarter pipe is barely wide enough [maybe 4 ft wide - stupid!] to turn around on... somebody ripped these clueless park folks off. They obviously didn't do any research so that's what they deserve... but the skaters deserve better. Much better.

Long time readers know what we think of weak-ass "McParks" - they're bad, real bad. Bennington VT has a shit park like this, but at least it's a little bigger. There are very few parks as bad as this one, and NONE of them were built in '03!

Don't waste your time: Marin rippers should check out Novato - awesome! East Bay dawgs know Berkeley is the bomb. To the south, it's all about Sunnyvale. And what do all those parks have in common? All concrete!!!

If it's not concrete, it's crap. 'Nuf said.

Directions: Mill Valley is in southern Marin County, about 8 miles north of San Francisco. From SF, take the 101 north across the Golden Gate, thru Sausalito, and exit "Highway 1 / Tam. Junction" heading west. Follow the road for a while and it will turn into Miller heading north. You'll pass Tam High, and just before the Safeway, make a right [north] on Camino Alto. Make your first right [east] - might be called Sycamore Ave. You'll pass the middle school, head to the end of the road, and the sad and pathetic skatepark will be on your left.

...scroll down for pics

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^ Mill Valley - yeah, that's it.
Weak sauce from weak minds.

^ You mean this used to be a parking lot?!
No kidding! I never would have guessed.
...way to go the extra mile, jackasses.

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