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editor's note:
Napa Skatepark

* Outdoor: 'Crete / Asphalt
* Free
* Trannie
* Rating: Nappy

If modern skateparks are daggers, the skatepark in Napa would be a butter knife!

"You forgot the skatepark in Napa California! it was designed by Bill Pepper himself. Throw it up!!!"

- Jasmine So: Sep '02

"Hey. I'm from Napa and I've been skatin' for two years at our skatepark... but I noticed you didn't have it on the SKATEparkLIST, so show some love for Napa and put our skatepark on the list! We have some awesome flo skaters here, too, so they'll appreciate having their training grounds on the list."

- Briguy: Feb '03

For more "old school" Bay Area parks, check out Derby's mellowness, Greer skatepark in Palo Alto, the amphitheatre in Benicia, and the best of the coping-less parks at Santa Rosa.

Directions: To get to Napa from the Bay Area, head north on 80. After you pass Vallejo, take route 12 west to the 121 north. When 121 comes to a "Y" intersection, take the left/west fork, onto Soscol Ave [heading north]. After you cross 1st St, make a left [west] on Pearl. At Yajome - your first cross street - you'll find Napa skatepark.

...scroll down for pics

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^ Soft serve lines in the
snake run at Napa skatepark

^ 180 over the spine

^ This melted doughnut is
Napa's version of a bowl

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